"Strategic palette": The Economist Management Column collection 3rd, four-star recommendation.

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This book is a compilation of 10 articles in the "Schumpeter column" in The Economist magazine. Short and concise, up to one hours to read. The time published in The Economist is not noted, and is estimated to be within 1-2 years.

Compared to the previous two series, the personal feeling of the quality of this series, personal evaluation of 4 stars, the first two series are rated 5 stars.

Here is a excerpt from some of the most important points in the book:

1: When it comes to GE's core competencies, if it is no longer looking for new uses for electricity, then perhaps it should be the ability to select, train and upgrade the general manager. #105

2: In the successful enterprise group, the Kochindustries Industry Group (whose business involves oil and gas, finance, fertilizer, animal husbandry) has two main ingredients: the only use and efficient operation. #105

3: Ironically, the digital revolution is making it difficult for new management gurus to emerge. #260

4: However, if there is too much focus on Christensen's theory, they may miss out on other disruptive threats. #286

5:netflix and Uber have succeeded by hitting the "pain point" of the core client: in Netflix's case, the pain points were a limited choice of blockbuster and a high overdue return penalty; in Uber's case, the pain point is that the existing taxi industry is inefficient in many ways. #312

"Strategic palette": The Economist Management Column collection 3rd, four-star recommendation.

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