"VBA Research" application.calculation state affects VBA running speed

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Discover a phenomenon that When the application.calculation is automatically calculated, the 2003 version does not seem to reduce the speed of VBA, but the 2007 version has a significant impact and is particularly noticeable when the data is large, especially when the volume is high, and the speed reduction is unbearable. To do this, you must change the application.calculation state to Manual mode, and then restore it at the end of the run. Another factor that affects VBA speed is screen refresh, which can temporarily turn off screen refreshes for speed. namely:

VBA usually starts with two sentences in the program:
application.screenupdating = False
Application.calculation = xlcalculationmanual
Resume at the end:
Application.calculation = xlcalculationautomatic
application.screenupdating = True

It should be noted that the names of the two computed states in version 2003 are:xlmanual and xlautomatic.

"VBA Research" application.calculation state affects VBA running speed

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