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If you are a programmer, then your good times are coming. Computer jobs will grow by 8% over the next seven years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you're good at writing code, you can pay up to $300 an hour or more.

To get a high salary in this area, you have to master the few programming languages you need most. Here are the 15 programming languages you need to know in 2015, as the content director of Doug winnie--online learning platform Lynda points out:

1. Java

Java is used to build the back end of enterprise Web applications and is one of the most popular programming languages today. Web developers can build extensible Web applications for a variety of users with Java and Java-based frameworks. Java is also the primary language for developing native Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is used on every website now. If you want to create an interactive link on your site, or build a user interface with some popular JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript is the first choice.


C # is the primary language for developing Microsoft platforms and services. Whether you're building modern Web applications using Azure and. NET, building apps for Windows devices, or creating powerful desktop apps for your business, C # is the quickest way to harness Microsoft. Want to develop a game? The popular unified game development engine also uses C # as one of its main programming languages.

4. PHP

Web apps that need to build operational data? So, PHP and MySQL database, is our essential tool. PHP is active on most data-driven Web sites and is a foundational technology for content management systems, including WordPress, which expands the functionality of your site and makes it more powerful.

5. C + +

If you need to connect directly to the hardware for maximum processing power, C + + is the best choice. It can be used to develop powerful desktop software, hardware-accelerated gaming, and memory-intensive apps.

6. Python

Web applications, user interfaces, data analysis, data statistics-whatever the problem, Python has a framework to solve. Recently, Python has been considered by data scientists as a key tool for filtering large datasets.


Why is the C language still so popular today? The reason is the volume. C language is not only small, fast, but also very powerful.

8. SQL

SQL allows us to find the exact information in a fast, repeatable, and reliable way. With SQL, you can easily query and extract meaningful data from large, complex databases.


Want to quickly create your own project? Want to create a prototype for the next big web app? Then use Ruby (and Ruby on Rails). The Ruby language is very simple and easy to learn, and its features are incredibly powerful.

Ten. Objective-c

If you are interested in making an app for iOS, then you need to know objective-c. Although last year's hype focused on Apple's new language, Swift, Objective-c is still the base language for building Apple ecosystem apps.

One. Perl

Although Perl is deep and messy, what we can't deny is that it's a powerful programming language and an important part of anyone's cyber security arsenal. Perl is considered a key tool for any IT professional.


Although it is not a language in itself, however. NET is a Microsoft platform for cloud services and application development. Profit from Microsoft's recent open source efforts. NET has also become a platform for Google and Apple. This way, you can use. NET and multiple programming languages to easily build apps that support multiple platforms.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a key language for the. NET platform that allows you to build apps to support your business or automate powerful Office applications, such as Excel, to simplify the most common tasks.


R facilitates the revolution in big data, and is the programming language that all the small partners who need to do a serious data analysis in the 2015 must know. From science and commerce to entertainment and social media, R is a good helper for almost all areas where statistical analysis is needed.


Even less than a year after birth, Swift, as a method and a means to quickly and easily develop Apple's Mac and iOS operating system methods and means, quickly grabbed the eyeballs from around the world, a large number of developers flock to. With its wide range of features and friendly syntax, Swift makes it possible for anyone who needs only one Mac to build the next killer app for iOS and Mac OS x.

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"Go" 2015 15 programming languages you need to learn

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