"Go" hvtableview Create-expand/collapse list to aasharebubbles social sharing animation group

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   HvtableviewHvtableview is a subset of UITableView (with the expand/collapse feature) that can be conveniently used in many apps. Developers can save development time by using the expand/collapse list instead of creating a detailed viewcontroller for each cell. This means that the details of each cell can be displayed instantly in the table without having to switch to another view to see the details. Attachment:
aasharebubbles Social sharing animation components Social sharing animation components, support ios5+, support arc. Attachment:
mmdrawercontroller--Dynamic Drawer controlCustom Touch events [Mydrawercontroller setgestureshouldrecognizetouchblock:^bool (Mmdrawercontroller *drawerController,     Uigesturerecognizer *gesture, Uitouch *touch) {BOOL Shouldrecognizetouch = NO; if (drawercontroller.openside = = Mmdrawersidenone && [gesture Iskindofclass:[uipangesturerecognizer class]])         {UIView * CustomView = [Drawercontroller.centerviewcontroller Mycustomsubview];         Cgpoint location = [Touch Locationinview:customview];     Shouldrecognizetouch = (Cgrectcontainspoint (customview.bounds, location)); } return Shouldrecognizetouch; }]; Attachments:
Highly-customizable ttswitch Ttswitch is a uiswitch alternative, using image development, the appearance can be completely customized. Ttswitch also supports uiappearance. Attachment:
kgmodal--Customizable pop-up views Implement customizable pop-up views, and the view pops up and disappears with a good animation effect. The pop-up view automatically adjusts its size and position according to the Container view (container) so that the pop-up view is always in the middle of container. Attachment:
klexpandingselect--petal Sharing control UI  Klexpandingselect is a UI for an extended sharing control based on Summly. Attachment:
  klhorizontalselect--top supports left and right sliding menusChoose by swiping left and right at the top of the menu, inspired by the 8tracks IPhone app. hark-text AloudHark is a sample app that demonstrates text aloud on IOS. New Avspeechsynthesizer SDK development based on IOS 7. mmprogresshud-Multi-style progress controlMulti-style progress control, support IOS7,IOS6

"Go" hvtableview Create-expand/collapse list to aasharebubbles social sharing animation group

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