"Go" is currently the most popular code hosting site in the world

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GitHub, SourceForge, BitBucket, and Google code are among the most popular web hosting sites in the world, hosting many well-known open source project code, such as Linux on GitHub Linus Torvalds, BitBucket on the Ecos project and so on.


I've used all three of them, and I can't understand why GitHub is so popular.

Some of the features I feel (both distributed version Management):

    • BitBucket: Free support for private warehouses is unmatched. It supports hg/git at the same time, in terms of both the interface and the functionality, there is little disadvantage with GitHub (it has all the features of GitHub).
    • GitHub: In addition to make me feel more geek outside, really do not think there is anything particularly prominent AH? (especially compared with bitbucket)
    • Google Code: The best Wiki system in the three, good issue tracker and the integration of Google Group/gmail, and it supports svn/mercurial/git three versions of version management.

Another git, really much better than Hg (mercurial)? The same is dvcs,hg from conceptually very easy ah.


If you want a free git repository, choose BitBucket
Otherwise choose GitHub, open source is to hope that more people pay attention to, close to the distance with the attention, convenient communication, GitHub is undoubtedly the best in this point; now the above wiki, issue system has been quite useful, has been in use.

Google code that way is already very backward, product improvements are very small, github improvements are in place


Most of the active projects on GitHub are related to web development, with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Nodejs communities, where many star programmers are active in these communities and projects. Simply because these are enough to attract many users to choose GitHub

BitBucket submit large files quickly, and private projects are free, and unlimited capacity, a lot of benefits. It is recommended that the individual project party bitbucket. GitHub submits large files unsuccessfully and does not know if there is a size limit. The advantage is that there are so many open source projects that you can look for the code you need.

BitBucket this free unlimited private code warehouse hosting space is currently the best choice for managing private projects I know, not one of them.

    1. The first is a free private warehouse, and without limiting the number of warehouses, this is an overwhelming advantage.
    2. Then the team account can be invited to reach 10 people, the EDU account is no limit, and even if the team is not built, a separate project can also invite others to join in the cooperation.
    3. Also support CNAME to account, code.yourdomain.com pointing quite tall, this point GitHub is not.
    4. There are also the entire site can be in Chinese, translation project progress is 99%.
    5. But the interface is less than GitHub, but this year Issue/wiki also upgraded to support markdown, in addition to the network map almost, only the commit interface relatively simple lines, but also enough.
    6. The only disadvantage is that the access speed is slightly slow, but generally only submit code what is absolutely no problem.

For me, BB has become my dedicated project management platform to undertake outsourcing projects. Invite customers to join, what progress document code at a glance, issue change to facilitate communication.

So, if anyone ever asks me how to manage a private code project, that's bitbucket.

What is the difference between BitBucket and GitHub? Shortly after the contact with git, including GitHub and BitBucket, it was not long before, after a period of observation, it seemed to me that the difference was as follows:

GitHub public warehouses are free, private warehouses pay
BitBucket free public/private warehouses for up to 5 people (invite up to 8 people)

GitHub has a lot of famous projects, and SNS do better
BitBucket There is no SNS atmosphere

GitHub has no Chinese interface
BitBucket has a Chinese interface (the degree of visual translation has reached more than 90%, commonly used those)

In addition to the native command line
GitHub for Windows only supports GitHub hosting
BitBucket's Sourcetree supports BitBucket, GitHub, and stash hosting, and the Chinese interface

Code snippet:
GitHub has gist
BitBucket None

GitHub can preview images directly in the Web repository, but not bitbucket.
GitHub has the page function, BitBucket none, but can bind the domain name

"Go" is currently the most popular code hosting site in the world

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