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Yang Zong, director of the computer book module of the Electronics Industry Publishing House, gave a welcome speech. In the young man's field, he felt a lot happier:

Mr Yang and Mr. Hu Demin, Microsoft's senior market manager in China, unveiled the secrets of "I can also be a CTO programmer career plan" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks:

Mr Hu Demin, Microsoft's senior market manager in China, gave everyone a passionate start and gave everyone a lot of thinking-technology, management, and market. Who has the final say?

Mr. Ge hantao, president of Microsoft. NET (Beijing) Club, told everyone what magical effects the club will play in career planning?

Next, instructor Gao Yang will explain to everyone what kind of promotion and inner changes will "I can also do the CTO programmer career planning" bring to everyone's workplace? This book is made by Gao Yang, who gave up his job of several hundred thousand yuan a year and resigned for six months at home, word by word. He will be able to read a few pages and feel the soul, in particular, the examples in the following chapters all have real prototypes in real life. By the way, we will see sale, which gathers Resources in the book during the dinner after the meeting. He has a wide range of knowledge and a sound of voice!

After instructor Gao has finished speaking, the venue will be divided into two parts: the first MVP expert forum, where Duan Junyi, Jia Yi, Liu Yanbo, and Ding Xue, director of the Beijing club, respectively.

It is a gentle and elegant description of the hardships from the beginning of Beijing to the current research of e-commerce, everyone's growth has some pain and happiness behind it!


My career plan is to focus on being a programmer. Even if my first job is not a programmer, it is also a kind of exercise. Now, I am in good status, can concentrate on programming and the treatment is good!

The elites in female programmers tell us how they have been promoted to MVP?

Microsoft's professional lecturers are not from computer science, but from computing and mathematics.

At this time, the second meeting is in full swing. Mr. Leo, the top 4th in the csdn rankings, gave a keynote speech.

Venue 1 is convenient after the Forum 《. NET software design new thinking-build software like building blocks "from the northeast, author Chen junxian introduced his magical building block platform to everyone:

After the lecture, Mr Chen attended the second forum without any fatigue:

The other three guests are:

GE hantao: this time, I joined the mentor and good friend Gao Xiong. He played a very important role in my career. This book will bring benefits to more people's career.

Li Rui, project manager at Microsoft mobile center: I have a great career and I am very happy to work at Microsoft. The most common tasks in Microsoft Project Management are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and project.

C # MVP: I read the first six chapters of the book and have gained a lot.

On the other hand, Duan Junyi gave a speech. People who have never heard of his speech must experience it in person. I have heard of two lectures. I am a fan of him. This time, due to the limitations of the venue, it was a pity that he was not able to display his natural and unrestrained performance!

The final pressure axis is placed on the keynote speech of Hu zhenghui, the technical director of a listed company, on "who is the master of the road to CTO". Due to the failure of the venue selection, the more noisy the following sounds, however, Hu's speech still received a warm welcome from many audience members. Today, I received several emails asking for PPT at work:

In the end, it is inevitable to show off a few scenes!

Admission check-in desk: Book display desk:

Gao Yang took a photo with readers:


Thank you!

Thanks to all the audience who took the weekend!

Thank you to all the experts, MVPs, and lecturers!

Thanks for failing to arrive, but I still don't forget to call anytao during busy renovation!

I would like to thank my nine comrades-in-arms and colleagues for staying at the forefront from AM to AM!

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