"Linux should learn"-a must-read Red Hat system and Red Hat Linux certified self-study manual

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"Linux should learn"-a must-read Red Hat system and Red Hat Linux certified self-study manual

The book's author, Liu Yan, is engaged in the Linux operations technology industry, and has been exposed to the Linux system and started learning earlier because of interest.

In 2012, the Red Hat engineer Rhce_6 was tested, and this year, the rhce_7 version and the Red Hat Architect certification RHCA were respectively tested.

Know that the level of limited and technical general, if not benefited from the selfless help of mentor, certainly not be able to complete the Linux study so smoothly.

Also as an ordinary technical person, I personally experienced in the middle of the night in the course of the sad, experienced a congestion of 6 hours drive helpless.

So in order to help readers get started with the Linux system, I am now carrying a heart that is disturbed, and try my best to write the book better.

The book was written on the eve of the Spring festival in 2015 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year (first edition)-to ensure the quality of each article.

Only with sincerity, then things can become, rely on the defeat. I will pay no less than anyone's efforts, with the lovely readers to write and perfect this book.

Lead everyone from the "0" Foundation to learn the Linux system, with a large number of Linux-related experiments to gradually master the operation and maintenance of the road.

This book contains supporting teaching pictures and videos, to enhance the interest of students and deepen the role of memory, of course, are free of charge.

Actively abandon the "not practical" part, will "focus" repeated practice, it is particularly suitable for people wishing to master the Linux system as soon as possible.

This book link address: http://www.linuxprobe.com/, hope to friends in the process of learning Linux to help;
Willing to communicate with like-minded people, learn and make progress together. Tackedit

"Linux should learn"-a must-read Red Hat system and Red Hat Linux certified self-study manual

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