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There are many versions of Linux, which are rare compared to non-professional users. Unlike the Windows system, the general public, a little bit of knowledge, the configuration of a lower machine on the choice of Windows XP Professional SP3, engaged in ASP Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2, Tall on a point directly on the Windows2008 and 2012, the ordinary machine on the WIN7 32-bit system, more than 4G of memory on the WIN7X64,WINI7 under the version although many, also do not want to choose the most authoritative flagship version ... And most of the people who are not in it are still arguing for Win8 or WIN10, but Windows is popular, but Linux is rarely discussed, but even more frightening is the fact that people who have just come into contact with Linux see a bunch of masters on Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS debate, and do not know which Linux to choose, anyway to which Linux is not good to start.

I have experienced many attempts, Download the most recent version of Ubuntu 14.04 in the 1G virtual machine installed a long time, feel that the card burst, the pro-test found with a lot of Linux not card reputation contrary, anger unloading, and after the study of Debian, in the virtual machine after the installation of n times, finally fix a normal Linux system.

First, the basic concept

First of all, there are many versions of Linux, and Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS are all versions of Linux, just like Win7,winxp's relationship to Windows. Just, Linux does not have an official version. Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS are all used, but there's more to it, and every version of Linux has its own version, such as ubuntu8.0,ubuntu10.04 and so on. Currently the most popular Linux system is said to be Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has been built on Debian and is said to be dedicated to individual users, plus a bunch of special effects, no wonder this card. I really do not understand, if not now a bunch of servers are on Linux, in addition to those who have great God self-abuse tendencies of people, who have free use of your Linux AH. You have to lose the command to lose the password. The Windows card is a card, but a pro-people, up to seventy or eighty-year-old old, down to two or three-year-old children can understand.

Debian runs a server, but it has a graphical interface, and in fact, with other versions of Linux undoubtedly, can be bold to choose.

The following is an example of installing Debian in VMware virtual machines, not recommended for Windows and Linux dual systems. Win7 and WinXP two different system architectures together it was a bit of a problem. Win7 virtual machine is generally installed WinXP. You now NTFS or FAT32 and ext two different file system hard to put together, saying, strong twist melon not sweet, you wait for both sides have such a small problem. It is strongly advised not to do so. Windows is strongly recommended as the primary system, and Linux is just the file above windows.

Debian is the most non-card, the 1G RAM to it to run on the virtual machine, more than enough.

Second, the download of Debian

This Debian from the moment of download, let people very elusive, unlike Ubuntu, come up is a big download button, a little bit of IQ know where to download. Debian downloads do not know how to do a good study of how to download.

All Linux are open source system, can be assured to download, in the process of installation there is no activation code, serial number for you to fill, completely free.

1, first, open the Debian website, https://www.debian.org/(click to open the link). This website is very concise, I like, not like Ubuntu as dazzling and deadly, jammed. If the current page is like this, it is very good, but impossible, hehe. After selecting the ISO image, then choose to use BT or choose to download HTTP or FTP can, anyway, now the download tool, both methods are the same fast, then choose the DVD version of the AMD64 or I386 version, the difference is WIN7 64 and WIN7 32 difference, Playing Linux on the virtual machine the next 32-bit system is not so card, not to mention the 32 system too classic, such as:

2, open Debian7 version of dvd,i386 appeared a bunch of weird files, the first one of the mirror is enough. This debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-1.iso is actually a complete Debian system, find a normal download tool slowly, full 4G. I was surprised at first. After all, a full version of Windows XP Professional SP3 its size but 700M, a full version of Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 500M is not enough. An official Windows7 is also 3.5G. Of course, Debian has a 100M installation package, but that's all, nothing, not even a graphical interface.

I this slag or advise you to start not so painful, directly to the 4G Debian package.

Other weird files are said to be a bunch of Debian packages, including those debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-2.iso,debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-3.iso ... All, Linux systems are like this, in order to be safe, all software is basically officially provided.

Third, the installation of Debian

1, before the virtual machine mounts the downloaded Debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-1.iso, please unplug the network cable first, then the portable also must close your wireless network cable. This Debian, including the Ubuntu I tried yesterday, did not know what to do, read the installation data actually read data from the network rather than from the hard disk to read the data, I do not know this design thinking. Guo Jia Network you understand, so your computer has a network, to ensure that you have to hang up to the dawn did not install a Debian.

2, start Mount Debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-1.iso virtual machine, directly select the first install, feel this than the second graphical installation, no different. Maybe I have a lot of system installed.

3, then choose Chinese, installed B to whom to see Ah? Chinese is the best language you can read and understand.

4, after the region to choose China, there are some assorted things, the default is the line, continue to install. It will take longer after the card. 10-15 minutes. Such as:

5, then will be asked to host name, directly write on Debian can, no meaning, this is what you see on the network of the name of the neighborhood. Windows installation does not have this, the host name of Windows is the system assigned, installed before you change.

7, after asking the domain name, directly do not fill, and then after the server to get. With the left and right cursor move to continue, press ENTER

8, after you want to set a root password, this thing set must remember well, it is best to set up a pen and write to write. This password has been forgotten, the entire Linux can only be re-installed. After all, Linux has a lot of operations to use the password.

9, after you must set up a user, not as Windows does not set up to give you a adminstrator to play, Debian has not let you set the admin as the account name, change a simple name. Anyway, it's still a hassle to forget.

10. After that, set a password for this account. For example, I set up the account of the PC, then I now input the admin is the password of this PC, with the root password above is different. Fortunately, the Debian system allows these two passwords to be the same. All into admin, anyway you install the Debian into the system immediately let you enter the password of the PC this account.

11, after the partition, it is recommended to select the first default, on a zone, and then put all the files in this area, anyway I am a virtual machine, only 20G of space. I don't know what to do with LVM.

12, after the point to continue, but also for a long time, and then in the process of installation, asked you are not to scan the disk, you first select "Yes", it read Debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-1.iso still ask you to not scan, you choose No.

13, sweep the DVD it Debian asked you also want to do not sweep network resources, kill all choose No, otherwise why I want to first to you unplug cable off wireless in installed AH? You don't know that you have to wait for a long time to download a file, just as Eclipse installs a plug-in to wait for the dead, and then you can manually install it quickly. What kind of network does the installation system have? Clearly debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-1.iso inside the thing is enough for us to use. Who do you think the computer is your European and American network ah? We're still stuck in the 800 oceans every year!

14, choose not after, but also wait for a long time, which may still be stuck in the download file part, but please rest assured that its essence is only in Debian-7.8.0-i386-dvd-1.iso read things slowly. The installation will still be slow.

15, after the installation process, will also pop up to participate in the User Experience program prompt box, kill all Choose No, my Linux I call the shots, you do not use this as an excuse to steal my data!

16, after the most critical step, choose Debian "Software" Please do not use the return, you must use the space bar to all the components of the selection, all hit on the star. Listen to me, the right, maybe someday you need to use it? Select and then use the carriage return to determine. Debian satisfies the majority of the pack B tend to, graphical interface is a component, can not, really hehe

17, Finish This step finally installed, do not need to take it out of the prompt, direct selection, continue to restart the computer.

18. Select the first item and enter the system normally.

19, enter the password just set to the PC to enter the system, and then press the upper right corner of the shutdown, the entire Debian is Linux finally loaded, and other what the later study slowly ...

"Linux" Debian download, install, graphical interface, multi-image kill Cat

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