"Open source" a beautiful home-school interactive app to share-love the school push [you pay attention to, we just push] (continuous open source Update 2)

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First, write in front

Love the school push like its name, is a campus information push communication platform, so many home-school interactive Software, you chose me, this is my lucky.
From the first blog to write a blog to now, I once again to improve the quality of the blog and the readability of the code, are for you, because there are you, just me. I am from one of the demo to start from 0 to do this app, all the way through the difficulties and hardships, looking forward to your soul exchange with me. Because I have encountered a variety of difficult problems, everywhere to ask the answer, at that time I, perhaps just as you are now. And I, also on this road silently forward.

Second, to undertake the above

A period of time with false data to show you the app's dynamic diagram effect, but also to the graduation design app made a lot of introductions, of course, also saw the attention of everyone, missed the door to please: "Open source Bi set" a beautiful home-school interactive app sharing-Love Acridine school Push [You concern, we just push] (continuous open source updates) There are some simple introduction and functional explanation, here the landlord will not repeat the wordy.

III. Introduction to the environment

This app is based on Android's home-school interactive platform, backstage using XAMPP build server environment, the use of Php+mysql+apache way to write the server background interface, starting from 0, the completion of the project, is still in step by step, I hope you continue to follow the project GitHub: Https://github.com/nanchen2251/AiYaSchoolPush

Iv. Useful Places

1) Through this project you can get the custom control effect you want;

2) Android Pure front-end programmer can also learn how to write API interface in PHP, so that the project data moving up;

3) The programmer who intends to turn backstage can learn more useful knowledge of logic;

4) Yes, if you are a beginner, you may get a forward friend;

5) What games to play, peace of Mind the code bar!

  6) Yes, it's not just Android, it's not just PHP, it's also a document, yes, it's open source!!!

Five, first on the effect

Since the previous blog post has demonstrated login registration and so on, this issue is actually the database and the background interface added, so here is not to do further demonstration.

Vi. Feature Updates

The above only shows part of the effect, because I did not use two mobile phones to demonstrate, in fact, instant Messaging can be audio and video calls have been transmitted arbitrary files, and now all the data will be synchronized to the PHP server. We can see that the code is relatively normative, of course, there are many shortcomings, but also hope that we point out.

1) Android-side simple code (Android Studio)

2) Simple demo of PHP code (PHP development IDE for Eclipse)

3) MySQL Database design

4) A Little development document (all uploaded to GitHub, please find) Left API interface document right for database design

Vii. sustained attention

About the second part of the introduction is here. Not as good as the hands-on code, don't forget to go to GitHub to download and learn the ~https://github.com/nanchen2251/aiyaschoolpush you want,

Open source is not easy, do not forget a little bit of recommendation, Dot Star, reproduced please cherish the author's labor results, thank you.

"Open source" a beautiful home-school interactive app to share-love the school push [you pay attention to, we just push] (continuous open source Update 2)

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