"Resource revolution: How to seize the biggest business opportunity in 100 Years": resource shortage is a huge business opportunity, there are many innovative solutions. Samsung recommendations

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The author thinks that the world is in the third industrial revolution, the most important change of the third industrial revolution is that the developing countries will have 2.5 billion people from poverty to middle-class, which will bring enormous pressure on the Earth's resources, the author thinks this is also the biggest business opportunity in the past century.

The book is basically about solving the resource shortage of business model innovation.

The author argues that there are five principles to solve the resource shortage: To find alternative products, to eliminate waste, to improve the recycling of resources, to improve the efficiency of use, and to process virtualization. Personal feeling these five principles can also be summarized as three principles: open source, throttling, substitution.

Here are some of the ideas or information in the book:

1: The previous two industrial revolutions, with a focus on improving labour and capital efficiency; The industrial revolution now underway is focused on doing more with fewer resources;

2: The past two industrial revolution, the opportunity exceeds the shortage, this time the history will repeat again;

At the end of the 3:19 century, London's Times predicted that London would be buried in a 2.7-metre-high horse heap by 1950;

4: The world is desperately looking for natural fertilizers before it launches synthetic fertilizers. Chile, Bolivia and Peru fought for 5 years for bird droppings.

5: Shale gas makes America a big oil country;

6: Unmanned driving if used properly, can improve the use of the principle of several times, greatly reducing traffic accidents;

7: America's per capita driving mileage peaked in 2004 and then began to decline steadily, not because it was clear, but certainly not the Great Depression, perhaps because many things could be done on the web;

8:dirtt Company's decoration process and in different, ready-made measurement, design, in the factory assembly, 3-4 weeks after the scene, only two or three days to complete the renovation process. Save up to 50% on materials and labor;

9: The current telephone network with the beginning of the first ratio, the change is very big, but the power grid is the Edison era, the power grid will also undergo a similar controlled telephone change;

10: GE in the U.S. Water heater factory, reduce the use of copper tube, the result in labor costs than in China a lot higher than the case, their water heaters than the Chinese made to be nearly 20% cheaper;

11: In the course of the resource revolution, we should start to invest in two product cycles before the product can provide 50%-80% improvement and reach the threshold of mass market.

12: The Ancients had to work 160 days on average to earn enough oil for one hours of kerosene, the 1800 one-hour candle will cost 2 days ' wages, 1950 each work 8 seconds can buy the night 1 hours of lighting, now every half a second to get one hours of light;

In addition, the first sequencer did not understand the history of industrial revolution, and did not look at the book, made a mistake: think Watt is the inventor of the steam engine. In fact, the book is clearly written, Wacker is the engine of the improvement.

"Resource revolution: How to seize the biggest business opportunity in 100 Years": resource shortage is a huge business opportunity, there are many innovative solutions. Samsung recommendations

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