"Smart Wireless Trolley Series seven" setting the display resolution of the Raspberry Pi

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The first thing to note is that the Raspberry Pi Debian system is automatically scanning the display, in most cases cannot be displayed in full screen, that is, the actual display of the desktop is larger than the display resulting in some windows can not be displayed or closed, Either the actual displayed effect is less than the size of the display, resulting in black border areas around it. If this is the case, we need to manually configure the configuration, but these configurations are not set up after booting into the system, but need to modify the image file in the configuration file to achieve. If you just want to quickly complete the configuration, do not want to drill down into the details of it, you can skip the content described in this article, directly in the download to provide a configured configuration file!

Here's how:

1. Select the "config.txt" file in the corresponding folder for the resolution supported by your monitor

2. Copy the "Config.txt" file to the root directory of your system's SD card

3. Insert SD into Raspberry Pi, boot up normally!

If you find the resolution is not appropriate, please re-select the Config.txt file according to resolution, repeat steps 1-3configuration file Download: configuration file. rar Extract Code E9B6

I tested the 1024x768 no problem, in addition to the resolution is not only to see the monitor, wire and adapter will also have an impact, so we have patience to test, find the right resolution, what the problem of timely feedback!

—————————————————————————————————————— I'm a split line ———————————————————————————————————————

If your display resolution is not in the file I provided, then please take a moment and learn to modify the configuration file:

We take the 1024x768 document as an example:

1. Open the Config.txt file to find the following two lines:

# Set Monitor resolution to 1024x768 XGA 60Hz (hdmi_dmt_xga_60)


2. Look for the mode value of the resolution you want in the following list, modify "Hdmi_mode=16" for the mode value you want:
For example: 640x480 60Hz is modified to "hdmi_mode=4"

3. Save Config.txt, you can, very simple!

These values is valid if hdmi_group=2 (DMT)
hdmi_mode=1 640x350 85Hz
hdmi_mode=2 640x400 85Hz
hdmi_mode=3 720x400 85Hz
hdmi_mode=4 640x480 60Hz
hdmi_mode=5 640x480 72Hz
hdmi_mode=6 640x480 75Hz
hdmi_mode=7 640x480 85Hz
hdmi_mode=8 800x600 56Hz
hdmi_mode=9 800x600 60Hz
hdmi_mode=10 800x600 72Hz
hdmi_mode=11 800x600 75Hz
hdmi_mode=12 800x600 85Hz
hdmi_mode=13 800x600 120Hz
hdmi_mode=14 848x480 60Hz
hdmi_mode=15 1024x768 43Hz Don't use
hdmi_mode=16 1024x768 60Hz
hdmi_mode=17 1024x768 70Hz
hdmi_mode=18 1024x768 75Hz
hdmi_mode=19 1024x768 85Hz
hdmi_mode=20 1024x768 120Hz
hdmi_mode=21 1152x864 75Hz
hdmi_mode=22 1280x768 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=23 1280x768 60Hz
hdmi_mode=24 1280x768 75Hz
hdmi_mode=25 1280x768 85Hz
hdmi_mode=26 1280x768 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=27 1280x800 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=28 1280x800 60Hz
hdmi_mode=29 1280x800 75Hz
hdmi_mode=30 1280x800 85Hz
hdmi_mode=31 1280x800 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=32 1280x960 60Hz
hdmi_mode=33 1280x960 85Hz
hdmi_mode=34 1280x960 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=35 1280x1024 60Hz
hdmi_mode=36 1280x1024 75Hz
hdmi_mode=37 1280x1024 85Hz
hdmi_mode=38 1280x1024 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=39 1360x768 60Hz
hdmi_mode=40 1360x768 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=41 1400x1050 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=42 1400x1050 60Hz
hdmi_mode=43 1400x1050 75Hz
hdmi_mode=44 1400x1050 85Hz
hdmi_mode=45 1400x1050 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=46 1440x900 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=47 1440x900 60Hz
hdmi_mode=48 1440x900 75Hz
hdmi_mode=49 1440x900 85Hz
hdmi_mode=50 1440x900 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=51 1600x1200 60Hz
hdmi_mode=52 1600x1200 65Hz
hdmi_mode=53 1600x1200 70Hz
hdmi_mode=54 1600x1200 75Hz
hdmi_mode=55 1600x1200 85Hz
hdmi_mode=56 1600x1200 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=57 1680x1050 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=58 1680x1050 60Hz
hdmi_mode=59 1680x1050 75Hz
hdmi_mode=60 1680x1050 85Hz
hdmi_mode=61 1680x1050 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=62 1792x1344 60Hz
hdmi_mode=63 1792x1344 75Hz
hdmi_mode=64 1792x1344 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=65 1856x1392 60Hz
hdmi_mode=66 1856x1392 75Hz
hdmi_mode=67 1856x1392 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=68 1920x1200 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=69 1920x1200 60Hz
hdmi_mode=70 1920x1200 75Hz
hdmi_mode=71 1920x1200 85Hz
hdmi_mode=72 1920x1200 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=73 1920x1440 60Hz
hdmi_mode=74 1920x1440 75Hz
hdmi_mode=75 1920x1440 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=76 2560x1600 reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=77 2560x1600 60Hz
hdmi_mode=78 2560x1600 75Hz
hdmi_mode=79 2560x1600 85Hz
hdmi_mode=80 2560x1600 120Hz reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=81 1366x768 60Hz
hdmi_mode=82 1080p 60Hz
hdmi_mode=83 1600x900 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=84 1920x1200 Reduced blanking
hdmi_mode=85 720p 60Hz
hdmi_mode=86 1366x768 reduced blanking

Smart Wireless Trolley Series seven sets the display resolution of the Raspberry Pi

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