"Translation" Nishikawa "experiment made by the game graphics""guilty GEAR xrd-sign-" in the realization of "real-time 3D graphics cartoon animation" Secret, previous (2)

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Lighting and Shading(2)control of specular reflection and simulation of secondary surface scattering technologyhttp://www.4gamer.net/games/216/G021678/20140703095/index_2.html Cel Anime 2D Graphics, by specular emission [specular Highlight] The presence of a high-light that relies on sight does not feel much. ButThe specular Highlight of the guilty GEAR xrd-sign is also a result of adjustments based on the "high-light grammar attached to the drawing", which is reliably attached to the lighting. I-no ILM texturei-no ILM Texture B-Channel i-no ILM Texture R-ChannelI-no Specular highlight of the state of invalidityI-no specular highlight of the state of being effective
I-no specular highlight the effective state of change angle close to that grammarWhat is it? A word to show is difficult, for example, as if the skin and clothing, close to each other, but the material is not the same, the high-gloss will become incoherent, it is necessary to understand the physical completely incorrect basis, along the concave-convex boundary and material boundaries to make the highlight. The collar and hair of the chest, the lower end of the forehead protector, the cheeks, the lips and so on are generally fixed, depending on the angle of the change in thickness, the extreme angle disappears. Potemkin, in order to emphasize the muscle, the clothes will also add the muscle highlights, in the texture to set. Metallic luster If fixed, it will produce a sense of vainly disobey, to change according to the angle
Camera and illumination angles are based onusuallyHighlight the most suitable location to set it up to enhance persuasion.
The control of the specular highlight is based on the [high-light propensity to enter] parameter stored in the texture B (blue) channel of the lighting control.    This parameter is the corresponding reflection of the calculation results of the strength and weakness of the adjustment, the maximum value is the high-gloss baking, the lower the value of the smaller, the higher the light attenuation. By the way, the texture R channel of the lighting control is the parameter of [specular highlight strength], and the part of the metal or smooth material will be set slightly larger.ILM Texture, from the beginning isThe texture of the decomposition of α,r,g,b elementsOnly if this method is added, the development team is still not satisfied, the target points to"Complete cel anime flavor", what is the shortage. The village? C. Pure also (lead Modeler and technical Artist). Asguilty GEAR xrd-sign-'s role models are all made and bone and the rig is designed. The products in the past haveCang-wing series, the goddess of fighting game version of the 4 series, as well as [Guilty GEAR2OVERTURE] Our Village:(insufficient) is [color],toon shader result produces the light and shade, this light and shade, always feels some monotonous impression.     Become the part of the yin with a monochrome color multiplication to load, pure toon shader treatment, the material sense of persuasion and enrichment aspects are feeling inadequate. On the other hand, the production site of television anime, there is called color design, the transfer of the artist,This part of the character, the sun shines to become this color, becomes the state of the Yin is this color], is this feeling, engaged in the individual color of the detailed settings. I think the difference should be here. Of course, it's not possible to set each detail individually, like cel anime. Thus, in order to achieve a systematicAdvancingAs a result of the study, the color of the TV anime is instinctive, and in [the environment color of the scene] and [the light transmittance of the object's material], it is not the setting of the color, but the hard to achieve a deduction. Based on this inference, the results are obtained close to the ideal, and decided to join in the final configuration,said the village.   The actual structure, is not so complex things. The first thing to prepare is,corresponds to the 3D model using the basic Texture (base Texture) of the [yin inclination color] distribution of Texture. This Texture is called "SSS Texture" within the development group as a convenience .(Sss:subsurface scattering). Lighting after becomingThe Yin Place, the related pixel, uses this ssstexutre value and [ambient light color] to make the color which the multiplication obtains to determine the negative color. On the other hand, after lighting became a place of Ming,ignoringthe value of SSS texutre, which results in images that are only light-colored. due to the processing of this distinction, the development Group was satisfied with the approach of the CEL anime style. There is no SSS Texture (upper) and some (bottom) of the relatively cloudy part is affected by the ssstexture. Specific toshowed aWhat kind of effect, for example, the character of the muscle color part produces the yin is with a number of redness. Also, the clothing part of the Yin Place, left the color of clothing colors. In short, SSS texture is the kind of thing that is made up of [redness] and [the residual color of a garment's color]. By adjusting the ambient light and the color of the light source, the color of the yin changes the way Ben Murakami: becauseSSS texture is not a simulated secondary surface scattering, and this name may not be strictly correct.(laughter). If the supplement is made, the SSS texture should be a clear indication of how much light the material is through. The color on the thin paper is also thinner. It is the texutre that has this impression. The Secret of the contour (1) ~Back MethodIn addition to formingguilty GEAR xrd-sign-is a part of the Contour Line (stroke) In addition to the anime-tuned visual elements that serve as a fairly basic part. It's called the comic book.ペン into the Forgetれmisaki (after the pencil draft, with ink strokes), the performance of the situation inguilty GEAR xrd-sign-is implemented in 2 different ways. The most basic strokes are the contour lines of the shapes using the 3D model."Back Method"(Back-facing method). Typically, a 3D model is drawn with a GPU, and a polygon that is relative to the back of the viewpoint is [something unseen] and is discarded as something other than the drawing object. This structure is, based on [A polygon that faces the back part of the role model in front of you, no matter what the viewpoint is, so you don't have to depict] The idea, called [back culling](Backface culling). But forthe trace of the back method is a combination of the reverse rendring of this back-reject structure. The so-called [inversion] is that the usual [do not draw the back] of the processing system reversal, in short, is [become depicted on the back side does not depict the front] such. There is no contour (top) and there is a comparison of contour lines (below) to describe the process of processing, the first stage, the 3D model to do some expansion, to reverse the [back culling].    As a result, the whole black outline of the model is depicted and saved for the time being.    The second stage, the 3D model according to the original size, with the normal processing system to render. Then in the final stage, the whole black contour and the result of the normal rendering are combined together. The whole black contour, most of which will be drawn by the normal rendering results covered, because the whole black contour is 3D model carried out some swelling state,as aResults onlythe contour part remains. guilty GEAR xrd-sign-The rendering pipeline is, first outputZBuffer'sZ-prepass, the first stage of the time, can get almost perfect contour line. So the final stage of the synthesis of the part of the feel is not necessary, the feeling is such a concept. Above is the expansion of the inverted reverse side of the drawing contour, the center is the normal drawing of the role model, the following is the final image. There's a secret in this part, something.In fact, this method is the classical thing that was used before the programer shader technology arose, inguilty GEAR xrd-sign-, by using the vertex Shader, the classical method with its own expansion to achieve.
    Contour lines are generated by the back methodProgramer Shader before the 3D game graphics are also practical, the above slide is the use of the back method"xiii" (ubisoft,2004 years). The original is forPlayStation 2, of course.Programer shader has not been used yet. The part of ARC System works expands itself, regardless of the camera's zoom condition and the character's proximity, to avoid the coarse and fine-grained control of the line, and to reproduce the control portion of the given curve and the thickness of the straight part of the freehand drawing stroke. Move the drawing like the actual penguilty the stroke of the GEAR xrd-sign-, which is generated by vertex shader control. Our Village:the use of the back method, because the feeling in the art can be derived from the free control of the strength of the line of the part to obtain benefits. guilty GEAR xrd-sign-3D model, in vertex color added [draw the weight of the line control], according to this can be added to the strength of the line. Through this, can be done like in anime hand-painted painting, see, near the cheek is a thick line, to the chin into a string of performance. result of Contour line weight adjustmentThickness Adjustment of contour lines(Vertex Color A-channel display)No contour line strength(upper) and with contour line strength (bottom). Nose, cheeks, chin around hope can be noticed. This is a comparison of the contour lines from the shoulder to the wrist, the top is not, the bottom is the basiswhat Ben Murakami says aboutThe details of the use of the vertex color of the guilty GEAR xrd-sign-are as follows.         • R: Determines the offfset of the shadow threshold value. 1 is the standard, the more inclined to become shadow part will be darker (close to 0), 0 words must be shadow.         • G: The coefficient that corresponds to the distance to the camera, the extent to which the contour line expands            • B: The z Offset value of the contour line        • A: The thickness factor of the contour line. 0.5 is the standard, 1 is the most coarse, 0 of the words there is no contour line. G and A are the parameters associated with the control contour line,r Yes, lighting and shading(1) Part of the contact, hand-addedAmbient Occlusion's own mask rate factor. b is, when using the back method expansion, corresponding to the point of view in the depth of the direction (z direction) to move (=offset) expansion coefficient, this value is set very large, the expansion of the model will be buried in the adjacent surface, the result is the contour line disappears. UnderThe village says that the hair and face of the nose are under the same contour, in order to prevent the appearance of undesirable wrinkles, while adding parameters. The actual shape (top), does not carry the contour of the ZOffset State (central), theStatus of the ZOffset (bottom) Shi Du:There is no way to use post effect because it is difficult to do this [line weight and strength control]. The structure of the painting line of the back method, the artist can start from the 3D model production stage, the real machine on the display of the adjustment of the line, the model of the production and the appearance of the contour line can be carried out simultaneously.Shi Du's [Post effect method] is to draw the results of the rendering, using pixel shader real-time image processing to do the line. Specifically, the difference between the depth value of the rendering result is found, or the pixel line of sight (line of sight vector) and the direction of the plane (normal vector) the difference between the point multiplication value to determine the contour of the pixel. This method, in judging the back method geometry load high situation to use more, the most recent"gravity daze/Gravity's glare dizzy:In the return to the upper layer, the perturbation of the woman's inner universe] is used to do the background 3D model-specific drawing line method. from「GRAVITY daze/Gravity's glare dizzy:In the return to the upper layer, the perturbation of the inner universe produced by the woman. The drawing line of the character model is the back method, and the drawing line of the background is implemented by the post effect. (C) Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Footprint Secrets (2)~ New development, the "village-style line"Guilty GEAR xrd-sign-in the contours of the line, clothing or accessories such as groove, seam, muscle bulge, and add a different way to draw lines. This village: The 3D structure into a groove part, etc., is the use of the back method can notmake the presence of contour lines. In this place can only be added by texture Mapping (directly painted on the map meaning), but ordinary texture Mapping, with the enlargement of the camera zoom will appear jagged, and through the back method to make a beautiful contour line difference will be very conspicuous. Here, how to appear [beautiful drawing line without relying on texture resolution], back to the"What is the display of Texture mapping sawtooth?The basis for the study. This result is the development of the group called [The village-style line], the unique line-drawing technology. Only the contour lines of the back method of the expansion model are used, and no lines appear in any part of the contour. The contour lines that use the back method of the expansion model cannot be depicted in lines that must be drawn on the texutre.
The result of a hand-drawn line like the previous, saw that the jagged is obviousComparison ofThe method of the village-style line draws the line, the same resolution is also as sharp as the painting.
Place close to the village line (wire frame display)In other words, Texture Mapping's sawtooth, some texel (the texel that make up the Texture) corresponds to the polygon face, which is depicted by a separate texel to becomeConspicuous. In contrast, if there are adjacent texel, and separate texel when the time is different, because the corners of the texel shape is actually disappeared, it is difficult to show a sense of aliasing. However, because the adjacency also has oblique or oblique, in fact this and Texel is a single state is the same, there will be a sense of aliasing. Anyway Texel of horizontal and vertical lines if it is arranged in a texel set, add some ambiguity, and you can avoid the appearance of the sawtooth feeling.。example of the UV expansion of the village-style lineto try to understand it is a matter of course, take note of thisBen Murakami, [contour lines are,use only vertical and horizontal linesto theSolid Linecomposition of the texture] to make it. Based on this, when used on a 3D model, the mapping is also used where a slash or curve is desired.twisted and curved shapesto design the UV(each polygon on a 3D model to represent and texture map data),Well, this method is trying to texture Mapping, incredible. Even a texture with a low resolution can get beautiful, smooth lines. below, is the actual use of the village-style line with the texture. Also, becauseThis village-style line with the texture only draw line information is not related, inillumination control is saved with monochrome on the alpha channel of the texture map. Example of the texture used in this village style line. Here is the drawing of the vertical line.The place where the UV of the village-style line unfoldsResults of using this village style lineThe results of the use of the village-style line are expanded. Note No aliasing.
This is an example of mesh construction.compositionPlease note that the topology of the plotted line is set. Without reference to this technique, use line Texture (drawing lines directly on the map) for example. After zooming in, you can see that the graphics are jagged. Mesh segmentation is also done by a topology that is independent of the plotted line.The example of this village line, with straight line lines, looks like the incredible texture of a city plan, such as the texutre along the edge of a four-edged line, suitable for contour lines in the bulging parts of the muscle. The bulge of the muscle becomes the oval shape of the hemisphere, using the village-style line to become"mapping" The edge lines of the four corners to the oval shape. " The corners become oval shaped,There is a great stretch and distortion in the area within the four corners. So, if there is a text or a pattern inside the square, of course, it will twist, because eventually this texture is used to attach the contour line of things, the text or the pattern did not add in. because it isappearance, and ultimately only the line, the twist generated by this technique, as a matter of appearance will not be revealed. Of course, giving distortions and distortions is based on the texture Mapping of the UV, the character or viewpoint movement, texture also receives the effect of zooming in and out of rotation. So, the drawn segments are also affected by this, turning into curves or slashes, because this situation texture mapping can be usedBilinear Filtering, it will give the curve or diagonal appropriate fuzzy sense. So, this happens to be a very good anti-aliasing effect .Not setBilinear Filtering (top) and settings (bottom)This village-style line depicts the thickness of the segment is visible. ButThe village-style line with the texture itself is not such a delicate line of strength, the thickness of the lines is generally single. Since the thickness of the texture line is average, how to deal with the strength of the line? Our Village:This village-style line to draw the thickness of the line of strength, is the design of UV map to add.     Want to appear coarse line, on the Texutre line performance with the Texel, the corresponding polygon surface allocation of a larger, in the UV map up and down the work can be. This one.the village line, and the production process, the pre-feel will also be in the anime strokes outside the game graphics widely used. An example of setting the thickness of a drawing line.    The top is not set, the central is the UV and line overlap State to set the strength, the following is the line of natural cut performance.    This is the last chapter. The post is the topic of the game performance and the focus of the animated part.

"Translation" Nishikawa "experiment made by the game graphics""guilty GEAR xrd-sign-" in the realization of "real-time 3D graphics cartoon animation" Secret, previous (2)

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