"Turn" several mobile cross-platform app development Framework comparison

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To collate the characteristics of the popular cross-platform WebApp development technology, it is only for reference.

Each framework contains almost all of the following features:

    • Development with HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript
    • Reusing code across platforms
    • A Rich UI Library
    • Provides a JavaScript API wrapper to access the device's native API
    • Solve the problem of model adaptation in native development
    • Provision of packaged, deployed tools or services
    • Need to learn their own packaged JavaScript API

Requirements for the filter framework:

    • Performance: Fast running speed
    • UI: Providing a near-native UI experience
    • Many plugins, rich documentation, high development efficiency, easy to expand and maintain
    • Meet business needs

The difference between Cordova and PhoneGap?
PHONEGAP is a distribution version of Apache Cordova, just as Ubuntu is a Linux-based distribution, and its code base is based on Cordova, but PhoneGap associates some of Adobe's additional business tools or services, such as Phoneg AP Build and Adobe Shadow to help developers simplify development.
In addition, the CLI tools and project structure provided by the two are different, such as:
Cordova put config.html in the project directory, and PhoneGap put it under the WWW directory.

Advantages :

    • Open source free, Community eco-mature, plugin rich
    • Support for offline scenario applications
    • The development tool chooses the space to be big

Disadvantages :

    • Only interfaces that provide basic access to devices need to be paired with other UI frameworks and JavaScript frameworks

UI Framework

    • Framework7
    • Msui | Github
    • Famous
      Create a smooth, complex UI for any screen.
      Free and open-source JavaScript rendering engine. The name engine is unique in its JavaScript rendering engine and 3D physics engine.
      Official website | Github | Hello World
      Create a high-performance mobile UI with famo.us

Cordova Chinese Documents
Create your first app (US)
Create high-performance cross-platform apps with cordova+famous
Create mobile apps with Cordova and Vue.js


Website address: http://www.ionic.wang/(with Case)
Ionic = Cordova + AngularJS + set of style libraries.

Technical Requirements

    • HTML + CSS + AngularJS

Advantages :

    • Based on Cordova
    • Beautiful interface, pursuit of performance, focus on native, free open source
    • Angular JS MVVM Development Concept, data bidirectional binding
    • Inherited from Cordova, you can use the Cordova plugin

Disadvantages :

    • Angular JS Learning Route Steep
    • Ionic frameworks differ from native Cordova, Cordova some official plugins may not be available for Ionic

Quickly develop mobile apps on Android, IOS and WP platforms with Appcan IDE integrated development system, Cloud Packager, and more.

There are two ways to create a project: The IDE and the cloud, and the IDE can sync to the cloud.
Free users have 100M space, 50 app restrictions.


    • Provide integrated solutions to facilitate the construction, development, commissioning and release of the environment
    • The framework comes with a UI package that contains common control styles
    • The framework optimizes UI, animation rendering, and fast response times
    • Support for local packaging, cloud packaging
    • Key-based Code encryption


    • No open source, unable to modify, optimize the underlying code
    • Divided into the public and Enterprise editions, the Volkswagen version is free, but the function is missing, see the Appendix in detail
    • Do not support self-developed control/, can not be transferred to Android native function
    • The frame comes with too many features, resulting in a large application installation package.
    • Less documentation
    • Some systems cannot be debugged using the IDE
    • Can only be published on the server side and cannot be published locally
    • iOS publishing, need to upload the certificate to the server

Phonegap VS Appcan

use case :
I love my home app, etc.

Appendix :
The following are the main differences between the Enterprise Edition and the Volkswagen edition:

    • Development environment:
      Enterprise Edition walk Independent Development environment and packaging Environment, Enterprise Edition with Macmini Packaging server, can realize the local environment to create projects, debugging, packaging;
      Volkswagen Edition whether to create a project or packaging need to rely on the official server, need to be in the context of networking, packaging needs to upload the source to the official server for packaging;
    • Version control: version of the Enterprise version of the standalone control engine plugin;
      Public version of the official unified maintenance, the official version of which developers need to use which version, no choice;
    • Collaborative development: Enterprise Edition can be distributed through the Macmini backend developers or application administrator account, can achieve collaborative development.
      VW edition does not meet collaborative development
    • Enterprise version has push API interface
      The VW version has no
    • After-sales service: The Enterprise version has an independent after-sales team
      The entrance to the Volkswagen edition is the Forum

Cloud compilation must be networked to get AppID


    • Domestic manufacturers, Chinese documents
    • Extend the performance, tools, and capabilities of HTML5 to help save time with Ides, cloud services, and more
    • MUI is closer to domestic app usage, providing detailed examples of modules such as login, personal Center


    • Some operations require native development experience, such as offline packaging app
    • New products still have bugs and need to be improved
Learning Route:



    • Do not understand the native development, do not understand the background language can complete the app


    • Update fast, version is not stable
    • For people who do not understand the app development, not for programmers and technology companies, over-reliance will reduce the level of technology
    • Suspected of plagiarism Dcloud a lot of code
React Native

Build a world-class native app with a fully consistent development experience based on JavaScript and react.
Just learn once and write any platform. (Learn once, Write anywhere)


    • High Initial learning costs
    • Must write two sets of code on different platforms, depending on the exposed interface

After a contrast, feel Cordova and dcloud more suitable for this project.


    • Eco-mature, with more tools to use, open source code can be freely customized;
    • Front-end frame: famous or Framework7


    • Domestic open source, free, good performance
    • Provide cloud services to help package and deploy, test, reduce the threshold and reduce time;
    • Front-end Frame: MUI

reasons why other frameworks are not suitable :

    • Ecological bad, bad reputation, oriented group is not suitable;


    • Closed source, commercial products, free version limit too much;


    • AngularJS learning curve steep, need time;

React Native

      • High learning costs

"Turn" several mobile cross-platform app development Framework comparison

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