"Turn" top two journals in the field of software engineering research

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[1] IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (IEEE T software ENG, abbreviation TSE)

Chinese Name: IEEE Software Engineering Transactions

Publishers: ieee,1975 years of publication

Journal website: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/RecentIssue.jsp?punumber=32


Influence factor (Impact Factor): 2.588, JCR partition: Zone 1

TSE is recognized as one of the most authoritative international academic journals in the field of software engineering, and since 2013, TSE has resumed monthly , one volume per year, 12 (2008-2012 bimonthly, 6-monthly, 2008-monthly), 6-10 articles per issue, About 80-100 papers a year .

TSE has some theoretical research papers on software engineering, and some empirical research papers, which have a certain significance for the structure, analysis and management of software systems, covering the whole field of software engineering .

The specific topics of TSE papers cover the following areas:

(1) Software development and maintenance methods and models, such as: Software requirements, design and implementation of relevant technologies and principles, including formalization and process models;

(2) Evaluation methods, such as: Software testing and validation, software reliability model, testing and debugging process, software error control redundancy design, software measurement, evaluation of different areas of software products and processes;

(3) Software project management, such as: productivity coefficient, cost model, project schedule control and organization structure, related standards development, etc.

(4) Tools and environment, such as: introduction of specific tools, integrated development environment, including software architecture, database and parallel and distributed processing and other related topics;

(5) Topics related to the system, such as the trade-offs between software and hardware;

(6) A high level of investigative work and review, such as a comprehensive review of the historical developments in a particular field of study.

Tse each period of article is not much, instead of the monthly article in general in 10 articles, the employment rate is low , in recent years, there have been domestic scholars in the TSE published papers (Peking University, Beijing Polytechnic University, Dalian University of Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Engineering, 2012, 2013 Zhongshan University, Peking University, Beijing Polytechnic University, Jinan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have the first author of Tse paper, in 2014 the latest employment of Microsoft Research Asia, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Automation Institute, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and other domestic universities and research institutions, such as the first author of the thesis, we can see that the field of software engineering research level is gradually improved. "It is worth mentioning that the Beijing Polytechnic University Liu Hui teacher in 2012 and 2013 in the TSE published two articles related to code taste recognition and reconstruction of the paper , which is the highest level in the field at present, to learn from the master, refueling ing! 】

Generally,TSE from the submission to the publication period of about two years (contributions to the recruitment of almost 1 years-1.5 of the time), most of the article length between 10-20 pages (double-column layout), there are very few articles in length less than 10 pages, The paper requires a strong innovation, publishing difficult .

[2] ACM Transactions on Software Engineering methodology (ACM T SOFTW ENG METH, abbreviated as Tosem)

IEEE Journal of Software Engineering and methodology, American Society of Computer Science

Publishers: ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Journal website: http://tosem.acm.org/

Influence factor (Impact Factor): 1.548, JCR partition: Zone 2

Tosem is one of the most prestigious academic journals in the field of software engineering, with an annual volume of 1 volumes, 4 periods per reel , and 4 issue times of January, April, July and October, and Tosem a somewhat quarterly flavour.

Tosem's paper covers all research areas of software engineering, including models, languages, methodologies, mechanisms, and tools related to product and process refinement, assessment and evolution throughout the lifecycle, from requirements specification to software maintenance. Tosem also includes software formalization and some experimental (empirical) research work.

Tosem specific topics include:

(1) Demand Engineering: Demand acquisition, modeling, specification, analysis and prototype design;

(2) Design engineering: Software architecture, design specification and refinement, design methodology, strategy and style, documentation of design plans, etc.;

(3) Software testing, analysis and validation: includes algorithms, techniques and processes for evaluating whether the software meets functional and non-functional requirements;

(4) Configuration management: Version control and system evolution;

(5) Software maintenance and re-engineering;

(6) Software reuse: component reuse technology, such as the description, design and implementation of reusable components;

(7) Software Process Engineering: Process modeling, analysis, customization, implementation and evolution;

(8) Software Engineering Environment: organizational structure, tool integration and interoperability, object management tools, language-specific tools, intelligent tools, special tools, software visualization, etc.

(9) Software measurement, measuring and evaluation methods and empirical research (empirical research);

(10) Human-computer interaction;

(11) Collaborative software engineering;

(12) Specific software engineering technologies related to distributed systems, real-time systems, security-critical systems, security systems, multimedia systems, and mobile computing;

(13) Technologies related to programming languages, artificial intelligence and databases;

(14) Software engineering technology in specific fields;

Wait a minute.

       tosem's influence factor does not look high, but it is relatively high in the ACM Transactions series, It publishes very few papers every year. tosem 3-6 articles per issue ( The total number of Tosem articles in 2013 increased significantly, reaching 30 , 2010-2011 (Volume 20) and several previous volumes of papers with only 10, with a minimum volume of 12 articles, 3 papers per issue, There were only 12 articles in several years). Because Tosem has a small number of papers per year, its > The hiring rate is definitely low , personal estimate is lower than TSE, I hope Tosem can continue 2013 years of momentum , increase the total number of articles appropriately, and improve the quantity and quality together. tosem are long-text, single-column typesetting, most of which are on more than 30 pages, many 40 pages or even more than 50 pages of "lengthy" papers . Writing Tosem paper requires not only wisdom, but also courage!

        The number of domestic scholars appearing on Tosem is even less due to the small amount of tosem paper, however, in the 2011 and 2013 papers, Baowen Xu, a team of professors at Nanjing University. "A revisit of Fault Class hierarchies in general Boolean Specifications, 2011, 20 (3) and a theoretical analysis of the risk evaluation formulas for spectrum-based fault localization, 2013, 22 (4) "Professor Xu has recently transferred to the State Key laboratory of software engineering of Wuhan University as director, http://cs.whu.edu.cn/ cs2011/news_cons.php?id=2219

Tosem's hiring cycle is longer than TSE, the average periodical is more than 2 years (from the submission to the magazine, 2013 speed slightly accelerated), the hiring cycle of more than 1 years (rarely an article can be hired within one year), there are very few articles in the magazine period of more than 4 years, I have seen an article 2007 contributions, 2009 hired, 2011 See the magazine, this speed really let people without words,. But if it's really hired, I'm willing to wait!

TSE and Tosem represent the highest level of international research in the field of software engineering, and it is very difficult to send articles in these two journals, many of which are classic in the field of software projects, with high academic value and practical value. If you are engaged in software engineering research, TSE and Tosem are very important reference materials, will give the software engineering major graduate students (especially in software theory research) topic and paper development bring great help. For the enterprise front-line developers, some articles also have a strong practical value, read, not only can expand the knowledge, understand the current software engineering forefront of research results, but also try to apply some new knowledge and technology in the actual development.

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"Turn" top two journals in the field of software engineering research

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