"Utility" Mind Map (Xmind primer)

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First, Introduction

Baidu Encyclopedia Portal: "Mind Mapping"

Second, software 1, Mindjet

Portal: Official website

All the people I have seen use this, but the charges are, please support the genuine!
There is no money, please use the xmind described below

2, XMind (recommended)

Portal: official website, download page

I use this, there is a paid version, but I use the free version is sufficient.

3, the other

Can Baidu

Iii. Xmind Simple Introduction 1, preface

Very simple, you will use Office, this still stumped you?

2. Common shortcut keys

1. Enter (enter)

Insert a topic down

2. Insert

Insert a sub-topic

3, Space (spaces), or F2


4, F4

Edit notes, in the comments can insert pictures
(Ps:xmind6 there is no mindjet inside the list of points, paid version do not know, do not affect the use of)

5, right-click Properties, Shape

Modify Theme Shape

3, more cool features, waiting for you to find.

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"Utility" Mind Map (Xmind primer)

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