"Yaba transaction" details exposed $1 billion paid off three times

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According to the terms of the agreement, if the transaction between Yahoo and Alibaba fails to be completed within the year, the agreement may be terminated
Yahoo exchanges 1 billion of its shares (40% voting rights) with all Yahoo's business in China, $ 35% in cash, and other conditions are undoubtedly the most recent topic of interest. The details about the transactions, such as the arrival time of $1 billion, were further disclosed yesterday.
The share acquisition agreement disclosed in a document submitted by Yahoo yesterday to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shows that Yahoo will pay Alibaba in three parts for the $1 billion involved in the transaction with Alibaba. Yahoo paid $0.25 billion in cash for the first time in exchange for about 0.2 billion common shares of Alibaba, and paid another $0.39 billion in the future to earn the remaining shares of 40%. Yahoo also needs to pay another $ 40% to buy Taobao shares from SBTB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group in Japan, in addition, all the Taobao shares purchased with this fund were transferred to Alibaba, so that Taobao became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba.
In other words, Yahoo can win 1 billion of Alibaba's shares only after paying US $ 40% in full in the above way.
In response, Alibaba spokesman Jin Jianhang said that of the $1 billion, $0.75 billion (that is, the sum of $0.36 billion and $0.39 billion ), alibaba plans to repurchase shares of SoftBank in Taobao and other Alibaba shareholders in Alibaba, and uses the remaining $0.25 billion, build China's most powerful e-commerce and search market.
At the same time, Jin Jianhang also said that the $1 billion cash paid by Yahoo had no unusual terms attached, and the $1 billion will be credited on time at the end of the entire acquisition.
The documents submitted by Yahoo also show that the transaction concluded between Yahoo and Alibaba does not contain the terms of the transaction termination fee. According to the terms of the agreement, if the transaction between Yahoo and Alibaba fails to be completed before January 1, December 31, the agreement may be terminated and either party may choose to discard the transaction.
On April 9, August 11, Alibaba and Yahoo announced in Beijing that they had signed a cooperation agreement. Yahoo will "package" all its assets in China, invest another $1 billion, and provide Alibaba with the permanent and exclusive right to the "Yahoo" brand and Yahoo global technology in China; alibaba transfers 40% of its shares (only 35% of its voting rights) to Yahoo. However, at that time, the two sides did not provide a detailed description of the USD 1 billion.

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