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Rails Chinese question 1. Set UTF-8 to encoded format when MySQL is installed. It is said that modifying the configuration file does not work, it is only useful if you set up the encoding format when you install the database. 2. Set the encoding format in the database.yml of your rails project Development:adapter:mysql database:cn_development Encoding:utf8Username:root Password:eman host:localhost 3. Set all rhtml file encoding formats for UTF-8 < head > <meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "Text/html;charset=utf-8"/>< title > Book: <%= controller.action_name%> </title > <%= stylesheet_link_tag ' scaffold '%>   /head > At this point, the Rails program's interface should be able to display Chinese correctly, whether it is the text on the page, or the Chinese reading and writing from the database, can be displayed correctly. 4. But there are some small problems, through the rails program on the database read and write when the console on the display of garbled, while using CMD access to the database, also show a tangle. This is mainly because Windows Cmd/console only supports GBK, and the data is stored in UTF8 in the database, so it's a mess to read out and display with GBK. To resolve database cmd access you can set the encoding when connecting to the database to notify MySQL that it requires the data to be accepted with GBK encoding: Mysql-uroot-peman --DEFAULT-CHARACTER-SET=GBK 5. How to troubleshoot console shows the problem that needs further study.

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