Rain in Wuhan

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I only hear the Love Song melody in the room,

The rain in Wuhan outside the window is ignored.


The tall buildings in the distance are a bit hazy,

The razor on the table is so clear.

There are too many people living in the city,

The process of growing up gains the true feelings.



You kept me in that window,

Waiting for me to pass;


You are confused,

Because today I am like the sun is covered.


Not far from qingtan,


Rain dolls travel around the world in a naughty way,



This is my wedding dress!


In this quiet day,

In the cold weather,


Or parting.


This song,

Called "Secret",

It cannot be said,

But can listen attentively.

Euphemism for piano,

Melancholy of violin,




Rain in Wuhan,

Not so fierce,



Wrap me around.


Rain in Wuhan,

With the scent of dirt,

Gray dust,

But in the end, it is made of water,

The gentleness of water.


Wake up,

Sleeping Cinderella,

Frogs no longer sing,

The dwarf is not at home,

The car pulled by the mouse,

Shoes made of glass,

On the stage of life,

Be brave enough to start!



You are a match girl,

I'm a match in your hand,

When the warmth passes,

When the illusion disappears,

You have to face the storm on your own,

You need to put on your wedding dress.


Rain in Wuhan,

It is made of thousands or thousands of glass cores,

All fragments are aggregated together,

That is the vast Yangtze River!

Don't be alone,

You are in front of the sea.

Don't be afraid,

Gray, you will keep me away.


Rain in Wuhan,

You do not belong to me,

You are going to runze the dry land;

Rain in Wuhan,

I don't belong to you,

I am just a passthrough.


(Send it to the home I am about to leave, the PP in my memory)


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