Raknet Sending and receiving data

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Creating Packets with Bitstreams

Write less data with Bitstreams

Lets Take we mine example above and use a bitstream to write it out instead. We have all the same data as before.

messageid usetimestamp;//Assign this to Id_timestamp
Raknet::time TIMESTAMP;//Put the SYS TEM time in here returned by Raknet::gettime ()
MessageID typeId;//This would be assigned to a type I ' ve added after ID _user_packet_enum, lets say id_set_timed_mine
Usetimestamp = id_timestamp;
TimeStamp = Raknet::gettime ();
Bitstream Mybitstream;
Mybitstream.write (Usetimestamp);
Mybitstream.write (TimeStamp);
Mybitstream.write (typeId);
//Assume we have a mine* Mine object
Mybitstream.write (Mine->getposition (). x);
Mybitstream.write (Mine->getposition (). y);
Mybitstream.write (Mine->getposition (). z);
Mybitstream.write (Mine->getnetworkid ());//In the struct this is Networkid networkid
Mybitstream.write ( Mine->getowner ()); The struct is systemaddress systemaddress

Common mistake!
When writing the first byte to a bitstream, is sure to cast it to (MessageID) or (unsigned char). If you just write the enumeration directly, you'll be writing a full integer (4 bytes).
Bitstream->write ((MessageID) id_set_timed_mine);

Bitstream->write (Id_set_timed_mine);

In the second case, Raknet would see the first byte is 0, which are reserved internally to id_internal_ping, and you'll NE Ver get it.

void Domypackethandler (Packet *packet) {bitstream mybitstream (Packet->data, Packet->length, false);//The False is for efficiency so we don't make a copy of the passed Datamybitstream.read (Usetimestamp); Mybitstream.read (timeStamp); MyB Itstream.read (typeId); Mybitstream.read (x); Mybitstream.read (y); Mybitstream.read (z); Mybitstream.read (NetworkID); In the struct this is Networkid networkidmybitstream.read (systemaddress); In the struct this is systemaddress systemaddress}

Raknet Sending and receiving data

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