Ramping of "reprint" app: Talk about the importance of testing

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Many start-up teams face a problem at the beginning, due to the lack of attention to the pre-launch test work, product launchBug constantly, had to follow up by customer service explanation accompany smiling face, the other side of the engineer overtime work late to change the bug. The scene of such embarrassment is not uncommon. Then, the question comes, why not in the app online before the product quality control work?

in fact, according to pastExperience in the app industry, product quality control or product on-line testing, whether in large companies or small and medium-sized developers in the team is a soft rib, which is mainly subject to two aspects of the objective factors constraints:
first, companies are reluctant to specialize in testing teams or engineers. In general, in aThe app is the core of the entrepreneurial team, should have a dedicated test engineer or team. However, in order to save costs, some small and medium-sized app developer teams do not specifically set up a test engineer's post, usually by the customer service staff or product personnel concurrently. Also, because the product update iterations are generally more than two weeks or one version of a month, which results in testers in the product development period of small workload, for cost reasons, the enterprise is not willing to "white" test personnel.

second, there are not enough end-devices in the team for testing. CurrentlyiOS mobile devices have reached 60 of the balance, and the Android system mobile Terminal equipment is up to thousands, this is not only small and medium-sized team can not have enough equipment, is a bigger company can not be equipped. Generally speaking, small and medium-sized start-up companies can only test several popular models, to ensure that mainstream mobile phone manufacturers mainstream equipment run without problems will be arranged on-line, which also led to the testing process is not perfect, for the quality of the product left hidden trouble, often the individual models are not suitable for the problem, resulting in a large number of complaints, and then

in fact, the above two constraints can also be seen asApp developers face two big pain points, and for these two big pain points, there are a lot of cloud testing start-up company was born.

who is keepingThe first valve of the app user?

on the other hand, with the advance of the mobile Internet tide,The app has been formally promoted by rough into the era of fine operation, and in the late operation of the product, not only the function of the product is strong, but also the most important thing is to ensure that the product quality is always stable, so that users can have a better experience of use.

So, whether it's for applications or hand-tours,App on-line testing will be the first valve to retain users, if the product can be consistently stable and reliable, it means to be able to convert more potential users, and will be more users left, the app operation process with less effort. Otherwise, when the user excitedly admiring, but found that the product "a use of the collapse", willbreedsthe loss of loyal users"Tragedy".

and in such a big trend, including applications, hand-tourAPP, forapp Testthe demand for services is even stronger, and products need to perform well in terms of compatibility, application performance and application stability. This needs to be more sophisticated in the testing process and links, and the need to invest more manpower and resources to guarantee the quality of the product.

in summary, the work of the testApplication operations must be further valued, which will be related to product quality stability and user retention issues, and app developers in the case of limited cost, whether it is the use of free cloud testing services or pay-per-view service, is an effective way to solve the test problem.

Automated Test Platform Testbird, initially from the hand-tour test began to build up a high visibility in the hand circle, has also been to the field of app testing , while Testbird also included in the testing area of smart hardware. In addition,Testbird has built three test platforms for cloud phones, cloud testing and cloud analytics through self-service app function testing, remote real-computer debugging, real-computer compatibility testing, live-test testing, live stress testing, and crash analysis. A one-stop quality management service for mobile applications, from research and development to on-line to operations, helps mobile application companies establish sound quality management systems to improve dau, retention, and payment for mobile applications.

Ramping of "reprint" app: Talk about the importance of testing

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