Randong, let me help you reach the climax today !!!!

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Lan Dong, you should have done it once or twice. As you are after 80, you also know that we are very low-key people after 80! But I got online this day. Unfortunately, I saw you again, and it was quite talented! Do you know how I feel after reading it? Nausea, that TM is called a nausea. It is thin enough. Is it easy for me? You can't eat me any more. It's so cool! I advertised that I should not scold this one on the Internet, but the Sb in my mouth is not stopping. Aunt, how can you be so hypocritical? I doubt whether you have received Education Or is there a lack of maternal love? I am so sad to hear you speak nonsense, you know?
Since you are so happy, let me help you !!
Let We Let's see where you are! Sorry, wait. I'm coming !!

The following are the results of a few days ago:

Using the first sentence in the post, "originally, as the chairman of a company with billions of values", Baidu randomly chooses a bunch of results.
Get the name of a self-claimed "landong!
Based on this further search, find one of its Space
It was originally from Shanghai.
33 years old
Constellation aries
I'm in Pudong District, Shanghai.
I checked my personal information, but not much useful information.

But find an MSN mailbox, OK, continue
Baidu had a look at this mailbox, and there was no information. He tried to search by username and found it again. It was another space (it seems that this aunt would have been playing, too, I thought "rich people" would not "access the Internet !)

The information obtained here is not much different from the previous one.
Gender and female
Age 33 (ARIES)
City: Shanghai
Status Single
Social networking for dating purposes, dating, serious interactions, dating
Shape: 166 cm/symmetrical
Music: olive tree
Movie: Rome holiday, Schindler's List
Books: joke Life Elsewhere, the unbearable light of life
Idol: Milan Kundera

I just don't understand. It seems like I have no bad habits. Why can't I be a good man !?
Fortunately, there was an album, which turned around and found an image, but I couldn't see the brand on the building outside,
This is obvious!
East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University
The opposite is the source of this photo. Coincidentally, wxxx's office address is also here, and our "landong" space is wxxx. So what do you think?

Ignore this. Let's continue.
I once saw some violent news in Tianya and said the name of the person. Unfortunately, it was pinyin. Our lovely name was sunjingxun and she found another space on wxxx.
Pay attention to the "Personal Profile" and dress up as doctors and nurses!

I can already explain some problems in the message board of this space. For this space, it is clear that white people have left a message!
Sure enough, when I access this space again today, the error page is displayed, and the address cannot be found, including one of her friends, "XX Sha ", forgive me for using two XX here !!!

Find her blog on Sina! At first, I was not sure if this blog was her!
However, some of the articles are just as coincidental to reality !! So, go deep!


We can say for sure that this is what we want.
See it. The same content !!
Occupation: doctors and nurses

Look again. Haha, landong, your little tail is finally revealed!
Do you know these photos ??


Now, as you said in your blog, you are experiencing slow fluctuations in your troughs! Let's move a small bench and watch your performances !!!
It's showtime !!

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