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Ranking of Top 10 industries/jobs in February
The "Golden three silver four" recruitment peak is approaching. Recently, according to enterprise-side data statistics, chinaili.com released the ranking of top 10 industries/jobs in February. Data shows that internet/e-commerce, computer software, and computer hardware/network devices are among the top three. It is predicted that the recruitment boom will continue until late April.
Leading Internet industry
In recent years, China's Internet industry has developed rapidly. Although the total number of Internet users is still less than that in the United States, according to a survey conducted by comScore, the industry leader in Internet survey and evaluation, China's internet has seen a 20% high growth rate, the growth rate is far higher than that of individual digits in other countries. Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, China's internet/e-commerce, computer software and hardware, and it services industries have outstanding performance, and there is a strong demand for talent, whether it is the number of positions released or the total number of people recruited, all ranked first in various industries.
According to the tracing analysis of registered resume users by ChinaCache, the number of resumes applied for in the Internet industry in February accounted for half of the total number of resumes applied for in the top 10 hot industries.
Ranking of leading sales positions
The hot and cold distribution of the industry has made a good note on the job rankings. In the ranking of the top 10 hot jobs in February, it showed a strong correlation with the industry's popularity, the first five are sales representatives, sales managers/sales directors, software engineers, senior software engineers, and R & D engineers. The last five members are also closely related to popular industries, including business development (BD) managers, computers, networks, technologies, sales assistants, manager assistants, secretaries, clerks, and department managers.
Sales is one of the most challenging positions as a top recruitment specialist, and of course there is a reward. According to the statistical data of chinacili.com, sales representatives generally earn an annual salary of between 40 thousand and 0.1 million RMB. In addition, software engineers are also one of the most demanding positions in Shanghai.
Top 10 industries
1. internet/e-commerce 2. computer software 3. computer hardware/Network Device 4. IT service/System Integration 5. electronics/Microelectronics 6. communication (device/operation/value-added services) 7. professional services (consulting/accounting/legal) 8. real estate development/construction and engineering 9. mechanical Manufacturing/mechanical and electrical/heavy industries 10. fund/securities/Futures/Investment
Top 10 jobs
1. sales representative/Customer Manager 2. sales manager/sales supervisor 3. software engineer 4. senior Software Engineer 5. R & D engineers 6. business expansion (BD) Manager 7. computer/network/technology 8. sales assistant 9. manager Assistant/secretary/Clerk 10. department manager
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