Rapid development of SME information platform with development platform

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Chapter One overview of the characteristics and needs of the industry

1.1. Introduction of mobile Company

China Mobile Communications Group, China's largest mobile communications operators, mainly engaged in mobile voice, data, IP telephony and multimedia services, and has a computer network of international Internet units operating rights and international import and Export Bureau business Management rights.

1.2. SME Industry characteristics

Enterprise business is not standardized, information needs flexibility. Small and medium-sized enterprises compared to large enterprises, its business is more arbitrary, the division of functions is extensive, decided that the information application must be able to meet the rhythm of business changes, and effectively match the new business model. The information system should be high-level, and must be convenient and flexible. This is a pair of contradictions, for the information base and bad enterprise, its challenges are even greater.
Rapid development of enterprises, information needs of large changes. As a small and medium-sized enterprise, its business development speed is very fast, the whole business development form will even appear "flop" situation, the information needs just put forward, not yet the application of information to promote implementation, often will immediately appear to completely overthrow the original needs of the dilemma.
Enterprises in the informatization of capital investment pressure. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the key to development, due to the competitive pressure between enterprises, enterprises put the limited funds in research and development and market, information is often in a "zero input" situation, many small and medium-sized enterprises with poor human cost, the development of information systems to support the realization of business needs.
The lack of enterprise information talent. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the most lack of talent, for information-based talent is more so. Small and medium-sized enterprises, often in high-speed development, are not attractive to information professionals because of their low level of informatization application, poor working environment and poor treatment.

1.3. Overview of current work status and needs of SMEs

1.3.1, current status:
Small and medium-sized enterprises in the economic development process is a very important force, but in the competitive market, most small and medium-sized enterprises in the scale, management, business development and large enterprises, there is a large gap. To survive in a competitive market, SMEs must be more flexible, efficient and innovative than large enterprises.

1.3.2, requirements Overview:
The development of information technology has created favorable conditions for SMEs to compete with large enterprises on the same starting line. Small and medium-sized enterprises can sell their products and services around the world over the Internet without expensive marketing fees, and small and medium-sized enterprises can form temporary allies through the internet to obtain orders that they cannot individually complete, and businesses can use the Internet to provide customer support, in addition to selling products and services through e-commerce. Business managers can read e-mails on the go, understand business dynamics and make decisions. Informatization Construction has become the only way for SMEs to improve their competitiveness.

Chapter II Overall design of the system

2.1. Design Objectives
Through information management, improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, effective internal management and external management, rule operation, improve work efficiency, improve profits and benefits, reduce management costs.

2.2. Design principles
Simple, practical and flexible.

2.3. Overall frame diagram

2.4. Technical description
1, the system background database is MS SQL SERVER (2000, 2005 or 2008).
2, development tools: The new intelligent development platform.
3, the system architecture for B/s architecture, directly through the IE operating system.
4, the whole system to mobile phone number for account, System login account, Fetion chat system and mailbox are mobile phone number, unified identity authentication.

Chapter Three functional Module design

3.1. Corporate website
Enterprise external propaganda portal, can customize the portal column and style, including online message, feedback, online ordering, intelligent Service Center, forum and other components.

Feature List
1), can customize the site column and style, there are lists, albums, icons, such as a variety of column style, as long as the typing, it will be very fast to build a powerful Enterprise Portal website.
2), customers can place orders directly on the portal website and ask questions and inquiries.
3), can define the Forum column and Intelligent Service Center column.
4), Intelligent Service Center can accept customers online questions, customer personnel online solutions.
5), can set the homepage propaganda image, the article can manage in the backstage, such as add, modify, delete, approve and so on.
6), including website message, feedback, online ordering and other functions.

3.2, customer management system
tightly around the idea of customer-centric, fully consider all aspects of enterprise marketing management, combined with the mobile fetion system, the enterprise's market management, customer management, sales management and business site management and other organic combination to form a cross-departmental, cross-agency unified information platform.
Function List
1), through the mobile fetion system, for business activities, such as business negotiations, procurement, after-sales service (required to provide mobile Fetion system related interface or source code).
2), through the market management system to collect information, information analysis, business opportunities to provide a basis for marketing.
3), manage customer profiles, contact files, customer contacts, customer complaints, customer service, etc.
4), the sales staff, marketing resources, marketing costs management.
5), to the sales business, such as sales quotations, sales orders, sales analysis and so on.
6), the sales system and the Enterprise Portal site are combined to accept online orders and processing.
3.3, Office automation system
fully through the internal meridians, through the various office elements of closed-loop integration, the realization of the work flow, information flow and knowledge flow of unified management, to provide users with a scientific, open, Advanced Information Office platform, easy to achieve office automation, Paperless, Digital.
for enterprises in the Office of the existence of information is not smooth, inefficient, operation is not standardized, such as a series of problems, with information technology and a new generation of management ideas, to provide a strong network, electronic support, the concept of collaborative office, knowledge management ideas into your office life, Help your work unit to achieve a comprehensive improvement of information level.
Integrate enterprise resources, speed up the flow of information, standardize office processes, improve office efficiency, reduce office costs and improve management level. Through the combination of cutting-edge information technology and advanced management concepts, she frees people from tedious, disorderly and low-end work to engage in core and strategic affairs, thus achieving the goal of rapidly improving the market competitiveness of users.
Function List
1), file sending and receiving, approval, borrowing, etc., to achieve paperless office.
2), office supplies, labor supplies and other items management.
3), conference Management, fixed Asset management.
4), online reimbursement and other general approvals (such as salary adjustment application approval, transfer approval, etc.).
5), work plan, schedule and other daily office.
6), personnel files, attendance, transfer and other personnel Management module.
3.4, remote monitoring system

With advanced multi-channel video real-time compression processing technology as the basis, the video surveillance, digital video, remote video transmission, intelligent video retrieval and other functions of centralized design as a whole, through the network can realize remote monitoring and control.
Feature List
1), monitoring mode can be set, can realize all-weather automatic monitoring video, to achieve the purpose of unattended;
2), intelligent video playback retrieval function;
3), powerful network remote monitoring function, even if traveling outside, also can directly through the browser remote monitoring company situation.
Note: Need to provide monitoring equipment development interface data, direct purchase of a complete set of monitoring hardware software equipment.

3.5. Enterprise Post Office System
Integrated mobile Post Office system, mobile phone number for account, to achieve mail management.
Feature List
1), through the system automatic login Mobile Post Office system (require mobile post office to provide a single sign-on scheme, users do not have to re-enter the password, directly log into the Post office).

3.6, large enterprise expansion function
As the second phase of the project, omitted here.

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Rapid development of SME information platform with development platform

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