RDLC Report Series-the report content format width does not match the Set width

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I recently made a document report. Because the customer requires that the printing paper have special rules and many table columns, but the entire report should not exceed 200mm in width, I want to adjust it in any way.

However, problems are still found. For example, the two strings "TG20111020001" and "blog garden programmer's house" are strings of the string type, the same width is set to 15mm, but the effect is that the former is always up until the string length does not wrap, and the latter is automatically wrapped after the specified cell length is exceeded, the expected result is that the new line is automatically wrapped when all columns exceed the design specifications. As a result, the page layout is messy. Some columns are printed on the second page or the second page is blank. I found a lot of methods. The most important thing is actually very simple.

<Div style = "word-break: break-all;">// Word-break: break-all will automatically wrap
<Rsweb: ReportViewer ID = "ReportViewer1" runat = "server" Font-Names = "Verdana" Font-Size = "8pt"
Height = "100%" InteractiveDeviceInfos = "(SET)" WaitMessageFont-Names = "Verdana" WaitMessageFont-Size = "14pt"
Width = "100%">
<LocalReport ReportPath = "SaleCenter \ SaleHistoryReport_Print.rdlc">
</Rsweb: ReportViewer>

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