React-native Environment Construction under windows

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Follow the MU class network to do the case, build RN environment encountered a lot of problems.

Let's talk about it.

First look at the documentation: Http://

Note A few of these words:

Android Studio requires Java development Kit [JDK] version 1.8 or later. You can enter on the command line javac -version to view the JDK version you are currently installing . If the version is not required, you can download it on the official website. Or use the Package Manager to install (for example, choco install jdk8 or apt-get install default-jdk )

In the SDK Tools window, select Show Package Details , and then Android SDK Build Tools tick in the Android SDK Build-Tools 23.0.1 (must be this version)

Configure Java

That means your javac is going to work, no matter what you can see here:

Configuring the Android SDK

And say your tools are 23.0.1. The new version of as seems to remove the cumbersome Sdkmanager, the default for you to install the SDK, do not need to manually configure. However, the downloaded tools are 25, so you cannot run RN.

Open the ANDROIDSDK directory, here


Add Tools


Add SDK here

Can be downloaded from the Internet directly, you can also use the old Sdkmanager downloaded after a copy of the put in

Configuring Gradle without each download

Each run

React-native startreact-native run-android to wait to download, can be resolved through this article. Configure the app to run successfullyAfter the installation is successful, there is a red screen pit, remember to shake a shake reference: Http:// %ac%e6%90%ad%e5%bb%ba%e5%ae%89%e8%a3%85react-native%e7%8e%af%e5%a2%83%e9%85%8d%e7%bd%ae/ The most detailed version of Windows installed react native environment configuration IP address Remember to use the native real IP, with no use. With the night God binding remember to try more, relatively short time. Reference: Http:// A total of 3 hours wasted. The Pit is dead.

React-native Environment Construction under windows

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