React native-is currently the hottest front-end technology?

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As a product manager, if you have encountered such a dilemma, "help me to the font 16th, color into #FFFF00FF, the eldest brother said it is best to change", as an app development can only helpless but the heart of the happy to tell you, "Only wait for the next version, must be re-released to change", If you ask why you can't change it, it means that your understanding of technology is either really bad, or you know the power of this react-native new technology.

React Native is a technology that Facebook has introduced in the Java language to write ios,android, as well as in the background, released the Android version this September, and a small climax in the programmer, There are always a few programmers who like early adopters to invest in this field.

With plain English said, is from a programmer himself can start a business, he only use this technology, you can write the Androidapp,ios app, as well as the background application, and, please note here, it can do real-time hot update (like a webpage, changed a font, ready to go online), App can also be able to update at any time, the first paragraph of the demand can be divided into seconds to kill the solution, without new version, just in the server to change the code can, is not very good, is not very good, is not very good, really good.

Here, you just need to understand that Facebook offers a solution that uses Java as a development language and can simultaneously write front-end, mobile terminal, and background applications.

Let's talk about why React Native has received so much attention and where its superiority is.

At present, a mature Internet product basically includes: Mobile terminal and Web page of two main forms. In the development of mobile terminal apps and Web pages, there are many technical roles involved: front-end development (the common name is called website), mobile terminal development (Android and iOS development, now full Street), background development (most of their programs have no interface, mainly for Web and app Provide data and assurance service stability), each role needs different skills, such as front-end development needs to be proficient in html,css,java these basic web language knowledge. Android Development with Java (the word read "Zawa", do not read as "Gavà", read so low B) language, iOS development with objective-c (think of him as a computer two level of the C language can be) written. Background development, some companies with Java, some companies with C + +, with what all have, to meet the performance needs can be.

Have seen the collapse of it, for a non-computer professional people, do not understand the fucking why there are so many languages, why here to use C language, where to use the three C + +, some places to use Python, and a large crowd shouted to you: "PHP is the best language in the world." In fact, each language has a different use of the scene, some language efficiency, some language syntax is more concise and beautiful, some are designed for the background, there are specific scenarios under the only choice. If you still do not understand, we use plain English to make a metaphor, why condoms have some threads, some particles, some delay, some ultra-thin, there is a brand known as a hand can be opened, they are based on individual physical state, as well as different scenes to play their respective strengths. You casually analogy, any field, there are many different tools to meet different scenarios, is the need to determine the current state.

Now, React the whole solution to the unity of the river, FaceBook also claims that the technology is "learn Once,write AnyWhere", the cost of learning only once, but completed the unification of all development roles.

This means that: will be as hot as Web page updates, ready to publish.

2. For a developer, there will be no front end, terminal, the background of the distinction, his concern is to do a complete set of applications, manpower will be the most substantial integration and release.

3. Code reuse will be the main theme, because it is a language, the cost of repeating the wheel will be more and more savings.

At present, React Native also has some shortcomings, such as his SDK package size is relatively large, crash is more, the content supported on iOS is quite good, Android is still in the initial stage, but the current version is also 0.16, I believe that in another year, a It's going to sparkle.

Such a good literary talent, I must have the responsibility to tell everyone Zebian is: Pingxiaoli.

React native-is currently the hottest front-end technology?

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