React Native ScrollView Adding a picture array

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"Use Strict"

Import React, {Component} from ' React ';
Import {
Appregistry,//Register component, is the application of JS run the portal
StyleSheet,//style sheet, similar to a collection containing properties of individual components
Image,//Picture component
View//Views Components
} from ' react-native ';

Size of the current device screen
const {width, height} = dimensions.get (' window ')

var IMAGES = [
Require ('./resource/test/1.png '),
Require ('./resource/test/2.jpeg '),
Require ('./resource/test/3.png '),
Require ('./resource/test/1.png '),
Require ('./resource/test/2.jpeg '),
Require ('./resource/test/3.png '),
Require ('./resource/test/1.png '),
Require ('./resource/test/2.jpeg '),
Require ('./resource/test/3.png ')


Declaring a Helloworld component
Class HelloWorld extends Component {

/* Reference:
* Please note this function, the returned image must have a key
* If there is no key, the warning will be reported?? ------Each child in an array or iterator should has a unique "key" props (see note)
* Use the map function in ScrollView to create loops.
* */
renderimages (key, i) {
        Key:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...
I: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ...
Return <image Key={i} style={{flex:1, width, height}} Source={images[key]} resizemode={' contain '}/>

Render () {//Render

Return (

* Set space height:
-1: Set the height directly to the ScrollView
-2: Settings related to the parent control of the ScrollView height < note: The parent component needs to be added style={{flex:1}>
The -3:scrollview itself cannot be set flex:1

The following code slides horizontally, if the vertical direction is flexdirection: ' column ' + horizontal={false}
* */
<scrollview contentcontainerstyle={{flexdirection: ' Row '}}
{ (key, i) = = This.renderimages (key, i)}
Appregistry.registercomponent (' HelloWorld ', () = HelloWorld);

1. Reference: +
2. Set key description : Key is necessary when traversing or looping the output to render sub-components

****************************************  ****************************************

React Native ScrollView Adding a picture array

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