REACT pure front end does not depend on the packaging tool code

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# # #react最基础的语法和不依赖环境的纯前端免编译代码


Note: 1. Must be placed on the server and cannot be run on the file system


<!doctype html>



. login{    background-color:red;}. header{    height:30px;    Background-color:gray;}. userrole{    height:80px;    Background-color:lightcyan;}. userid{}.userpassword{}.submitbuttonenabled{    Color:blue;}. submitbuttondisabled{    Color:gray;}



Class Login extends react.component{//props type and whether it must be filled in//static Proptypes = {//};        Constructor (props) {super (props);    This.state = {userId: ', UserPassword: ', Submitenabled:false,};    } componentwillmount () {Console.log ("Componentwillmount");    } componentdidmount () {Console.log ("Componentdidmount");    } componentwillunmount () {Console.log ("Componentwillunmount");             }//event Handleclicksubmit () {if (This.state.userId.length < 1 | | This.state.userPassword.length < 1) {        Return } $.get ("Http://", function (Result) {Console.log (Result        );    }); } Handlechangeid () {this.setstate ({userid:this.refs._ref_userid.value, submitenabled:th  Is.refs._ref_userid.value.length > 0 && this.refs._ref_userpassword.value.length > 0,});  } handlechangepassword () {this.setstate ({userpassword:this.refs._ref_userpassword.value,        Submitenabled:this.refs._ref_userid.value.length > 0 && this.refs._ref_userpassword.value.length > 0,    });                }//Render method render () {return (<div classname= "Login" > <div classname= "Header" > {this.props.title} </div> <div classname= "Userrole" > {this.prop S.role} </div> <input classname= "userId" type= "text" ref= "_ref_userid" placeholder= "User name" on change={() =>this.handlechangeid ()}/> <input classname= "userpassword" type= "password" ref= "_ref_userPa ssWOrd "placeholder=" password "onchange={() =>this.handlechangepassword ()}/> <button type=" button "onClick={ () =>this.handleclicksubmit ()} classname={this.state.submitenabled? " Submitbuttonenabled ":" Submitbuttondisabled "}> login </button> </div>); }}reactdom.render (<login title= "title" role= "ddd"/&GT;, document.getElementById (' root '));



REACT pure front end does not depend on the packaging tool code

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