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Data I have not read the PHP source code, but it has file operation function, I think it should be OK? Not really, then do a CGI to achieve also can, and independence is good, easy to maintain. In the past I have done in the BCB environment, the idea is as follows: (in fact, the equivalent of ordinary file reading and writing operations, hehe)

First, open the file

Open a serial port first by file (either of the COM1~~COM4)
HANDLE M_hcomm = CreateFile ("COM2", Generic_read | Generic_write, NULL, open_existing, file_flag_overlapped, 0);

Then you can use WriteFile () and ReadFile () to read and write to the serial port, and finally remember CloseHandle (M_HCOMM), the current open serial port off Oh.
Since the CreateFile () function takes a file_flag_overlapped constant, note that the last parameter of the WriteFile () and ReadFile () function is a overlapped structure that needs to be initialized before reading and writing:

Overlapped M_ov;

M_ov. Offset = 0;
M_ov. Offsethigh = 0;
M_ov.hevent = NULL;

Well, the COM2 is already open, so simply read and write:

Second, write:

BOOL bresult = true;
char* M_writebuffer;
DWORD bytessent = 0;

strcpy (M_writebuffer, "Try to write in");
Bresult = WriteFile (M_hcomm, M_writebuffer, strlen (char*) m_writebuffer), &bytessent, M_ov);

Third, read:

Comstat comstat;//The structure contains the state of the communication device.
BOOL bresult = true;
DWORD dwerror = 0;
DWORD bytesread = 0;
unsigned char m_readbuff;
Start looping Read
for (;;)
Bresult = Clearcommerror (M_hcomm, &dwerror, &comstat);//update COMSTAT structure and clear all errors
if (comstat.cbinque = 0)
break;//Exit For Loop if you finish reading

Bresult = ReadFile (M_hcomm, &readbuff, 1, &bytesread, M_ov);//read one at a time, if you like, you can read n bits at a time
Put your processing module here, anyway Readbuff is content (1 bits), can be merged ...

Four, turn off
CloseHandle (M_hcomm);

The above ideas can be returned through the function of error handling, as for the meaning of the error constants can be read books, complete treatment is a problem, know the method can be, as long as you are a simple application, then simply read and write is enough. This file read and write method also applies to print mouth LPT1, LPT2~~~LPTN. I haven't tried it under Unix, but since the Unix-class operating system has more emphasis on device files than Windows, I believe it's simpler and more versatile to read and write COM ports in UNIX and Linux. Still this: Know the method on the line. When it's time to sell. ^_^
However, if you use the UNIX, Linux as a CGI, you may want to set the permissions of the compiled CGI file, try Oh.

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