Read CHM files on DebianSarge

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Read the CHM File on DebianSarge-Debian Technology for Linux release. The following is a detailed description. It's really not easy to read Chinese CHM On Debian Sarge. There is no CHMSEE in the official installation source, and I always prefer it! After the DEB Installation File and source code of CHMSEE, it still won't work after a long time. Library dependency is really a headache. I went crazy to find it in the source, I have found other CHM readers, GNOCHM and KCHMVIEWER. after trial, although KCHMVIEWER is in the KDE environment in SARGE, it is good in GNOME and is recommended.

I checked it online and said that GNOCHM is also good, but I used it to check that the Chinese manual of PHP5 is still garbled, And the printable Chinese font is rendered extremely large, which is really not very good, use KCHMVIEWER. It's pretty good!

Chinese file names are not supported.
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