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1 functiontwebrequesthandler.handlerequest (request:twebrequest;2 response:twebresponse): Boolean;3 var4 I:integer;5 lwebmodule:tcomponent;6 lwebappservices:iwebappservices;7 lgetwebappservices:igetwebappservices;8 lcomponent:tcomponent;9 beginTenResult: =False;One lwebmodule: = activatewebmodules; A   ifAssigned (Lwebmodule) Then -   Try -     Try the       ifSupports (IInterface (lwebmodule), igetwebappservices, lgetwebappservices) Then -Lwebappservices: =lgetwebappservices.getwebappservices; -       ifLwebappservices =Nil  Then -          forI: =0  toLwebmodule.componentcount-1  Do +         begin -Lcomponent: =Lwebmodule.components[i]; +           ifSupports (Lcomponent, iwebappservices, lwebappservices) Then A    Then at                Break -             Else -Lwebappservices: =Nil; -         End; -       ifLwebappservices =Nil  Then -Lwebappservices: = tdefaultwebappservices.Create; in Lwebappservices.initcontext (Lwebmodule, Request, Response); -       Try to         Try +Result: =lwebappservices.handlerequest; -         except the applicationhandleexception (lwebappservices.exceptionhandler); *         End; $       finallyPanax Notoginseng Lwebappservices.finishcontext; -       End; the       ifResult and  notResponse.sent Then + Response.sendresponse; A     except the applicationhandleexception (lwebappservices.exceptionhandler); +     End; -   finally $ deactivatewebmodules (lwebmodule); $   End; - End;

The 11th line of code, first get an activation of the webmodule, how not, will create a return.

The 14th line to the 26th line of code, to determine whether the webmodule implementation of the Igetwebappservices interface, the concrete do what first skip. Because Webmodule does not inherit this interface.

Line 27th, create a default webappservices

Line 32nd, perform the default action.

1 functionTDefaultWebAppServices.HandleRequest:Boolean;2 begin3Result: =Invokedispatcher;4 End;5 6 functionTDefaultWebAppServices.InvokeDispatcher:Boolean;7 begin8   ifRequestHandler <>Nil  Then9   begin Ten Result: = requesthandler.handlerequest (Request, Response);  One   End A   Else -     Raiseewebbrokerexception.createres (@sNoDispatcherComponent); - End;

The RequestHandler above is

Property Requesthandler:iwebrequesthandler read Getrequesthandler;

functionTDefaultWebAppServices.GetRequestHandler:IWebRequestHandler;begin  ifFrequesthandler =Nil  ThenFrequesthandler:=Findrequesthandler; Result:=Frequesthandler;End;functionTDefaultWebAppServices.FindRequestHandler:IWebRequestHandler;varcomponent:tcomponent;beginResult:=Nil; Component: = Findwebdispatcher;  if Component <> nil thenif  not Supports (Component, Iwebrequesthandler, Result)       ThenAssert (False,'Expect support for Iwebrequesthandler');{Do not Localize}End;

function TDefaultWebAppServices.FindWebDispatcher:TComponent;
Result: = nil;
If Webmodule is Tcustomwebdispatcher then
Result: = Webmodule
For J: = 0 to Webmodule.componentcount-1 do
If WEBMODULE.COMPONENTS[J] is Tcustomwebdispatcher then
Result: = Webmodule.components[j];

The code above is marked red, and will eventually return to Webmodule.

Twebmodule = Class (Tcustomwebdispatcher)

So, the above green tag code, is called the Tcustomwebdispatcher.handlerequest method, the internal code is as follows:

function tcustomwebdispatcher.handlerequest (  request:twebrequest; Response:twebresponse): Boolean; begin   frequest:= Request;  Fresponse:= Response;  Result:= dispatchaction (Request, Response); End;

Read Datasnap source code (III)

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