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Google + is its own social network, we are very aware of its impact on Google SEO, but the specific details of many owners do not seriously analyze. We don't yet know exactly what Google + does in Google's ranking algorithm, but we can already see its intuitive impact on Google search results (hereinafter referred to as SERP). Below we'll see the changes that four Google + brings to the SERP.

One: Comments on Google Serp

This can be very clear on Google's Serp page to see the change, generally our SERP only the title and description, but Google's introduction of the Serp page after we can find a number of comments on the contents of the content. As the following illustration shows, we can see a record of sharing the page after the relevant search information, which can make a person or a brand. The message for these notes is from Google +.




Then some people will have questions, what is the benefit of this information to us? In fact, the truth is very simple, when our site appears in Google's serp and authoritative knowledge or brand organizations to share more of our page, this comment will be easy to engine searchers for our site trust, will be good to enhance the site click-through.

Two: Make Google serp more personalized

We can find that Google has been working to develop personalized search this year, what is personalized search, simply to provide different searchers with the serp for them. And the advent of Google + has made personalized search even greater progress. In particular, Google's subsequent search plus your world (searching plus yours) has made us focus on the impact of Google + on personalized serp. This means that if an average searcher shares a page on his Google +, this page will get a better ranking in the serp of Google, the searcher.

Of course, the impact of social networks on personalized search will also require searchers to log on to their Google account, and if not, Google + will have no impact on SERP.

Third: To obtain a certain external chain

When it comes to Google + 's serp, it's easy to associate SEO. Because Google + can also create an external chain for our site. But we know that Google + although can publish links, but these links are often nofollow or search engine shielding, this is to prevent a large number of garbage outside the chain, but also took away the chain of SEO effect.

Although the outside of the chain of Google + on my site's weight does not produce much of a promotional role. But if we are in the domestic do have JS jump search outside the chain, although we know that the jump will not produce weight transfer, but in these platforms to publish links can often bring good traffic to the site, but also someone will be reprinted to the blog or forum, And this part is reproduced with the outside of the chain of information will be our site to bring a certain weight.

Four: Display the author in the SERP


Compared to the domestic search engine environment, foreign countries will pay more attention to the content of the copyright issue. We can see the comments on the author's message in the SERP after Google's launch. The author's annotation information may contain the author's avatar and signature. We can see that this change of Google not only protects the copyright of the author, but more importantly, it can attract the clicks of the searcher as well as the annotation mentioned above.

Of course, Google + 's impact on the search results is far more than these four, but from these points we can see that in the future online promotion, social networking will play an increasingly important role. Are you ready for social networking? The article by the Nanjing Network company, reprint please retain the source.

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