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The Riyuerusuo of the Flies. When I was looking forward to a good college life, a semester has been quietly flowing past, I remember not long ago in preparation for the exam and anxious I now have to end a semester of college career, before the time to plan my blueprint, which made me a little unprepared. Just when I was confused, the teacher of the new course asked us to read a book, that is, "I am a It little bird". At first I thought it was just a book that introduced professional knowledge and treated it with a coping attitude. Later, I was delighted to discover that it was a motivational book about career planning. Its author is a group of it small birds-from more than 10 institutions, or boys, or girls, or a school, or halfway career. They are distributed in different companies, or foreign enterprises, or state-owned enterprises, or private enterprises, the owner of the soil has the ocean. They have disappointments, they have pleasure, there are tears, there is laughter. In the disappointment of the pursuit of hope, in the confusion to identify the direction. They use their own growth story, told the school's younger sisters: youth is too precious, do not waste, want to not waste, everything prepared early.

"In the disappointment of the pursuit of hope, in the confusion to identify the direction." "This introduction gives me a deep impression. People's life long journey, in the appreciation of life this beautiful scenery on the way will inevitably hit a wall, or small setbacks, or big trouble. After the disappointment you can overcome the difficulties, still fearless to move forward, continue to pursue the hope of life and beauty. However, overcoming difficulties, in the confusion of the direction is not so simple to say, to do is another matter. First of all, we need to be passionate about life, full of confidence in the future, no lack of positive optimism, in order to pursue hope in disappointment. Second, we also need to have strong enough perseverance, can let us in the obstacles before the bow, never say defeat. Finally, we need to have a pair of eye, cross the barrier will become more and more narrow, we have to identify the right direction in a limited time, choose the right path to continue to move forward, otherwise the consequences will be stagnant, or even backward.

"In my opinion, there is a lot of chance on the growth path, and no one knows what kind of knowledge is needed at some critical time, so it's good to be more realistic. In the past through reading, self-study, thoroughly understand the same knowledge, will be in a casual time, suddenly be used. At this time of the accumulation of happiness and rediscover the joy, like suddenly look back to see the lights dim the eyes of the Iraqis, is not able to be depicted in words. "It also benefited me," he said. As the saying goes: "More than the pressure of the body." "I do not know whether people agree with this sentence, but I believe that everyone in the students in the time of the test is always encountered similar to this situation: it is fortunate that I had to listen carefully, seriously back, seriously read ... Yes, you may feel that short-term use is useless, but the eye always put a long time, more people learn something is always no harm. The breadth and depth of your thinking now determines the thickness of your future wallet and the height of your life, and when you embark on the pinnacle of success you will be thankful for what you have paid.

At this moment is late at night, I and this book seems brief Encounter, it has been admiringly. There are many feelings also can not be described in words, perhaps my rhetoric is not enough, can only let it immersed in the future every night, I and the book Sound Good night.

Read "I am an IT little bird" feeling

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