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whenever there is a problem with hardware settings at post, a wide variety of English phrases will appear on the screen. In general, a very important message is included in the short phrase, so that you can easily solve the problem by reading the information. But these English tips but baffled a part of the novice computer friends, for this reason I summarized some of these tips, and to explain, hoping to help those novice computer friends.

The following are some common error message explanations

1, cmosbatteryfailed

Chinese literal translation: CMOS battery failure.

Solution: The general appearance of this situation is explained to the motherboard CMOS power supply battery has been dying, need friends to replace the motherboard batteries in time.

2, cmoschecksumerror-defaultsloaded

error when performing all checks to load system defaults.

explanation: Generally appear this sentence has two kinds of explanations, one is that the motherboard CMOS power supply battery is about to lose power, friends can change a battery to try first; the second explanation is that if the problem is not resolved after replacing the battery, then the CMOS

RAM may have a problem, if the motherboard has not been a year, you can go to the distributor to change a motherboard, if after a year let the dealer back to the manufacturer to repair it!

3, Pressesctoskipmemorytest

: A memory check is in progress and you can press ESC to skip.

explanation: This is because there is no skip memory in the CMOS 第二、三、四次 test, the boot will perform four times memory test, of course, you can also press ESC to end the memory check, but after each boot to do this is too troublesome, you can enter the COMs settings after the BIOS

Featurssetup, the quickpoweronselftest is set to Enabled to open, after storage to restart can be resolved.

4, Keyboarderrorornokeyboardpresent

Chinese literal translation: keyboard error or not receiving keyboard.

Explanation: Check the keyboard and motherboard interface is good, if the keyboard has been connected, then the motherboard key * bad, the motherboard if still in the repair period, friends can find dealers or motherboard manufacturers to solve.

5, Harddiskinstallfailure

: Hard drive installation failed.

explained: This is because the hard drive's power cord or cable may not be plugged in or the hard drive jumper is improperly set. Friends can check the root of the hard drive is plugged in, to see the same data line on the two hard disk jumper settings are the same, if the same, as long as the two hard drive jumper settings can be (one set to master, the other set to slave).

6, Secondaryslavehardail

: Detecting failed from disk

explanation: May be caused by improper CMOS settings. For example, there is no IDE device and there is no connection from the disk, but in the CMOS set from the disk, then this error occurs. If this error occurs, friends can enter the COMs settings and choose the IDE

hddautodetection for automatic hard drive detection. If the use of the above method problem is not resolved, it may be the hard drive power cord, data cable is not connected or the hard disk jumper settings, the specific solution can refer to the 5th article.

7, Floppydisk (s) fail or floppydisk (s) fail (80) or floppydisk (s) fail (40)

: Unable to drive the floppy disk drive.

Explanation: The system hints that the floppy drive could not be found. First of all to see whether the floppy drive power cord and data cable is loose or reverse, it is best to put the floppy drive to another machine to try, if these are not, then have to buy another, fortunately the current market in the floppy drive is not expensive.

8, harddisk (s) diagnosisail

: An error occurred while performing a hard drive diagnostics.

explanation: This problem generally means that the hard disk itself has a hardware failure, you can put the hard drive on another machine to try, if the problem is not resolved, can only go to repair. If the hard drive is still in the shifting period, it is best to change it quickly!

9, Memorytestail

Chinese literal translation: memory detection failed.

Explanation: Reseat the memory, to see if it can be resolved, this problem is generally due to the mixed-plug memory is incompatible with each other, conditional words to change a bar! If the use of only a single memory, then it must be the memory of its own physical problems, or quickly to change a good!

10, overrideenable-defaultsloaded

The current CMOS settings cannot boot the system, loading the preset in the BIOS to start the system. \

explanation: Generally is the setting of COMs error, friends just enter the COMs settings after choosing Loadsetupdefaults load the original set value of the system and then restart to solve this problem.

11, Resumingfromdisk,presstabtoshowpostscreen

Chinese literal translation: From the hard disk restore power, press TAB to display the post screen.

explained: This is because some motherboards in the market provide the Suspendtodisk (the hard drive hangs) function in the BIOS setup, if we use the suspend

Todisk the way to shut down the machine, then we will be on the next boot, the screen display this message.

12, Harewaremonitorfoundanerror,enterpowermanagementsetupor


Chinese literal translation: The monitoring function discovers the error, enters Powermanagementsetup to inspect the detailed material, or presses the F1 key to continue the boot program, presses the DEL key to enter the COMs setting.

explained: Now a good number of motherboards are equipped with hardware monitoring capabilities, the user can set the motherboard and CPU temperature monitoring, voltage regulator voltage output and monitor the speed of each fan, when the above monitoring function in the boot found abnormal circumstances, then will appear this passage, At this time, friends can enter COMs settings select Power

Managementsetup, on the right of **fanmonitor**, **thermalmonitor** and **voltage

monitor** to see which part of the Monitoring Division issued an abnormal situation, and then to solve.


for computer boot when the information prompts a lot, I will not be listed here, I just chose some friends in the use of the situation often encountered in this explanation, hoping to give friends some useful help.

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