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After reading greatlypraised teacher's "Boulevard to Jane" The first chapter, the heart felt a lot. The first chapter of "Boulevard to Jane": the Fine meaning of programming. The first chapter is divided into five subsections: 1 of the programming, 2 will not write the program, 3 program = algorithm + structure, 4 language, 5 in the era of no engineering.

The precise meaning of a program:

Original demand: Punish the north of the plug, access to the roundabout.

Project Communication method: Gather room and seek Yue;

Project Objective: Biliping insurance, referring to the south of Henan, up to Hanyin

Technical solution: Buckle stone ken, Ji Hod in the tail of the Bohai Sea

Technical personnel: Descendants of the Dutch Mitsuo

Project management staff: Yu Gong

Foreign Association: The neighbor of the capital of the Widows wife, there are men, beginning ageing, jump to help Yugong Yishan. *;

public class Yugongyishan


If (a Foolish man dies)

There are children to carry out the task of the mountain;


The three men of the foolish and the descendants completed the task of shifting mountains;

while (descendants exist)


Son and grandchildren, sun and son; Posterity, infinite chamber also;

Biliping Insurance, referring to the south of the south, up to Hanyin;

if (Yamadaira)



———————————— people are dividing lines (????) —————————————————————

Two will either not write the program:

if (congenital mental retardation or acquired laziness)

{Cannot learn to program;}

If (you know you need to get up in the morning if the weather is cold then first wear the clothes after washing && vice versa && day and night until death)


It can be programmed;


if (if there is something similar to illness, inability to act, and unexpected emergency, you can skip the day)

{can be developed to the designer;}

———————————— people are also split Line/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ —————————————————————

Three programs = algorithm + structure:

if (programmer design algorithm, describe structure)

This procedure is stereotyped;

———————————— All Roll! The other is the dividing line W (? Д?) W —————————————————————

Four languages

If (you are familiar with a language)

You can master and start programming skillfully within two weeks;


You find that the A and B languages have similar underlying function libraries;

Language does not have good or bad points;


———————————— Actually, we are all Split line O (≧ ≦) o —————————————————————

Five in the era of no engineering

if (Time without engineering)

{Above is a programmer's all;

There are a lot of people, but no engineering master (I don't know what that means-);}

Read the first chapter of "Boulevard to Jane"

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