Read the No. 0 chapter of the Dream Break code

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Read the No. 0 chapter of the Dream Break code

Today, I read the No. 0 chapter of "Dream Break Code" and have a new understanding of writing software. Know that although the software can bring us a lot of fresh, unexpected features, but it is also uncertain, not like building a bridge, can step-by-step implementation.

The first thing that attracted my attention was the No. 0 chapter, beginning I thought the writing is wrong, later through reading only then knew, originally is the author intentionally so writes, and he so writes the purpose is to remind us: The programmer counts starts from 0, but does not start from 1. This is because the computer uses a binary. First, the author draws our interest through an example of a game Sumer. In fact, to tell us that programming interest is the best teacher, when you really interested in programming, then you can create a good program. And then after a number of years, the author is responsible for a salon website project, when the software is about to release, only to find that the Software Web program or database docking, this is the software uncertainty, who will not think of software will appear what kind of bug, And what we programmers can do is to fix it in as short a time as possible. And in the software writing process, must do a good job of testing. Try to kill the error in the cradle.

The computer has been unconscious for many years, and the speed of his development is beyond our imagination. Even now there are more than 200 programming languages. And when you can use these programming languages to make a successful compilation of Hello World, he will send you a message like you, he is obedient, this "temptation" you to use it to achieve some more complex functions. And when you are really in the line of programming, you will experience the difficulties. This point, I now have a preliminary experience, in the teacher gave us assignments, one of them never thought of the bug, almost will my whole collapse. Although the software is attracting us to innovate, to realize some new functions, we have to endure the pain of constantly appearing bugs and constantly changing bugs.

Perhaps this is to do software, in short, to get some things, do not pay is not.

Read the No. 0 chapter of the Dream Break code

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