Read the source code of the Zend engine in the PHP kernel system (original)

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Read the source code of the Zend engine in the PHP kernel system (original)
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It's okay at home on weekends. One person reads the kernel,
The following code is displayed in lines 94-100 of the file Zend/zend_object_handlers.h, which is not clear to many people,
At first, I was confused. Then I analyzed it carefully and wrote down my experiences.
/* Object maintenance/destruction */
Typedef void (* zend_object_add_ref_t) (zval * object tsrmls_dc );
Typedef void (* zend_object_del_ref_t) (zval * object tsrmls_dc );
Typedef void (* zend_object_delete_obj_t) (zval * object tsrmls_dc );
Typedef zend_object_value (* zend_object_clone_obj_t) (zval * object tsrmls_dc );

First, in simple terms, typedef defines an alias, typedef int intger; then intger can define an integer variable.
Similarly, void (* terminate_handler) (); is a function pointer declaration. it is to declare a pointer to a function, pointing to a function without parameters and returning a value of void. for example, void fun (), you can use this pointer to point to the fun function. that is, terminate_handler = fun; // This indicates that the pointer terminate_handler points to the fun () function. however, if the void fun1 (int A) or Int fun2 () function tries to use the terminate_handler pointer to point to the two functions, that is, terminate_handler = fun1 or terminate_handler = fun2, an error occurs.
In this way:
Typedef void (* terminate_handler )();
Typedef is to name this type of pointer type as terminate_handler
You can use terminate_handler to generate a function pointer. For example, terminate_handler p; p = fun;
Terminate_handler is a type.

The English version is described as follows:
Typedef type-declaration synonym;

The typedef keyword defines a synonym for the specified type-declaration. The identifier in the type-declaration becomes another name for the type, instead of naming an instance of the type. You cannot
Use the typedef specifier inside a function definition.

A typedef declaration introduces a name that, within its scope, becomes a synonym for the type given by the decl-specifiers portion of the declaration. In contrast to the class, struct, union, and
Enum declarations, typedef declarations do not introduce new types-they introduce new names for existing types.


// Example of the typedef keyword
Typedef unsigned long ulong;

Ulong ul; // equivalent to "unsigned long ul ;"

Typedef struct mystructtag
Int I;
Float F;
Char C;
} Mystruct;

Mystruct MS; // equivalent to "struct mystructtag MS ;"

Typedef int (* funcptr) (); // funcptr is synonym for "pointer
// To function returning int"

Funcptr table [10]; // Equivalent to "int (* table [10]) ();"

Therefore, you can see many similar definitions in the zend/zend_API.h file of the zend engine.
Struct _ zend_object_handlers {
/* General object functions */
/* Individual object functions */
Defines the object structure in PHP.
Haha, is there a lot of gains? Please give your comments ..

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