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Recently, when I was dealing with home phone bills, I found that the charges for a few months were not very normal. I had to pay for the overdue charges after I saved the money. I was very busy and didn't care too much, A few days ago, I received a call from China Netcom and paid for it. After I checked the list, I found that after the expiration of the broadband package year, it was automatically transferred to the monthly subscription, and I had to deduct 100 yuan each month, after several months of deduction, I asked myself to find out the Overlord terms of China Netcom.

1: The yearly subscription fee is 80 RMB per month, but once the yearly subscription expires, it will be automatically converted into a monthly subscription fee of 100 RMB per month. Remember, you will not be prompted during the conversion process, the telephone fee increases every month.

2: After the switch, China Netcom will wait for a few months and will notify you to pay the fee. If you do not carefully check the bill, China Netcom will not take the initiative to explain the situation and will continue to charge fees.

3: After you discover the problem, Netcom usually does not immediately accept your request, but transfers you to a department that handles the customer separately to retain you, but the money will never be refunded, because in the original contract, there is a very inconspicuous place, there are instructions.

4: If you want to remove the bandwidth, they will say that after it is removed, if you reinstall it, you will be charged. They will suggest you pay a port occupation fee of 10 yuan per month, remember this is another trap.

5: if you do not need to use the service for a long time, or do not want to use the subscription or yearly subscription, or do not pay the port occupation fee, you should switch the subscription to the hourly mode, in this way, you can access the Internet for 5 hours at 10 RMB per month. If you use port occupation, you have to pay 10 RMB per month and cannot access the Internet.

You can use your preferred method to access the Internet. However, you must pay attention to the Netcom contract. Because there are too many hidden tricks, you will get a lot of money if you don't care about it, you must handle the issue in advance. Otherwise, you will receive 100 yuan in the next day, regardless of whether you are online or not.

The above is the solution of Changchun Netcom. I don't know where it is.

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