Reading books together-reading books in PHP and reading books in php

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Reading books together-reading books in PHP and reading books in php

We had to learn about android, and PHP started to read books. Two 500 + books, 45 days not enough, a little busy...

The bloat in the morning is just a music stick. Keep a long memory ........

1. PHP + MYSQL Development Guide (1)

I. database applications and web

1. In this book

PHP + PEAR function library;

2. Three-tier architecture

Underlying/database layer-intermediate layer/program logic layer-user layer/browser;

MySQL (a database management system DBMS) -- PHP Program/web script program -- strengthen browser capabilities (Javascript)

Adjust the arrangement of each layer based on traffic and other indicators.

3. PHP advantages

It is a common practice, but we still need to know that the purpose is to maximize its features.

Flexibility-set with HTML;

Multi-function implementation;

Rich Library/source code;

Multi-platform portability.



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