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Chapter 4 Pentium Core-intel
Company History
1968 create Gorden Moore Robert nois
In 1956, xiantong semiconductor was founded with six other people, namely eight traitors.
At the beginning, we made low-performance and low-price products because IBM also comes with chips.
1981 IBM's PC also began to use intel chip 8086
1982 IBM-PC use 80286
1985 80386 32bit complete the unification of IBM-PC
Now Intel monopolized the PC and server processor Market
Business Model: large investment, large volume
Vs Motorola
At the beginning, Motorola's chip was better than Intel's.
Two companies of different ages: Motorola is a traditional company
The commanding level is far from each other: the Motorola family company
More focused: Intel publications Semiconductor
Competition for Instruction Sets
CISC complex instruction set: Intel has been used since the beginning, passed on (compatibility), and is constantly optimized, without the need for a much lower number
Complicated Design
The execution time of each command is not the same as long, it is difficult to run the job, there will be waiting
High Power Consumption
Reduced Instruction Set of the Proteus:
Retain only a few common commands
The execution time of each command is the same.
Promote each other
Compatible with Intel, not your opponent
No new growth point found
Cell phone chip not captured
The use of server chips from the server chip may challenge intel
Impact of ARM architecture
Advanced RISC Machines
Selling CPU designs to various semiconductor companies
Arm Based
98% of mobile phone processor chips
Game Machine Market
IBM has monopolized the processor market of three game consoles, Nintendo Sony and Microsoft.

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