Reading notes-seven habits of high-energy people

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  The real big business, usually only by the open-minded, rich connotation of the mind, through the selfless spirit of cooperation-mutual respect and win.

Re-explore yourself. Re-create yourself from the inside out.

Without the right life, there is no real life of excellence. --david Starr Jordan

Expected theory, self-fulfilling prophecy, leather Pygmalion effect.

To change the status quo, first to change their own, to change their own, first to change our view of the problem.

  Initiative not only refers to the attitude of acting, but also means that people must be responsible for their own lives. personal behavior depends on the choice, not the external environment,

Human beings should have the initiative and responsibility to create a favourable external environment. (Your life is the result of your own choice).

An active person has a world in mind.

The choice I made yesterday determined me today.

The most encouraging fact is that human beings can indeed take the initiative to improve the value of life.

Analyze yourself: Life without a goal, with the drift. No goals, no plans, no learning, just muddle through. No reading to increase their knowledge, not to improve their ability.

There is not enough mind to arrange their work, life and study. Can't find a balance between life, work and study. Always be emotional about their choices, always wasting time

, always doing unimportant things, always doing nothing to realize the precious time.

Good habits: work responsibly, seriously. Treat people sincerely, commitment, not late.

Those who are interested in changing jobs take more initiative and may wish to do a few quizzes about their interests and abilities, study their own industry, and even think about their

The problem that the evaluation object is facing, and then, in an effective manner, prove to the other side that they can help them solve the problem. This is the solution to promote themselves, is one of the important tricks of business success.


It is irresponsible to let the feeling left and right act.

To see a person's time and energy concentration on what things, but also can roughly judge whether he is active.

The idea of taking the external environment as the crux of the problem itself is problematic, and it should be said that we have given the external environment control over our rights, a change from the outside to the inside.

The mindset is a precondition for personal change with the external environment changing. (I myself have this kind of problem, once I do not want to read books, not active efforts, total

It boils down to the situation where I live without a good environment, and then I want to wait until later. )

The positive approach should be a change from the inside out, that is, to change individual behavior, to become more fulfilling, more creative, and then to exert influence, change


  want to get must first give .

Be incompetence to the things that you can master.

What hurts us the most is not the actions of others, nor the mistakes we make, but our responses to mistakes.

Success, even the key to survival is not how much you sweat, but the direction of your efforts is correct, so no matter in which industry, the leadership

Focus on management.

Take the principle as the center.

The principle-centered person is always insightful, thinking and behavior is unique, while the solid, stable inner core gives them a high sense of security, life direction, wisdom and

Strength, it will make them live a positive and fulfilling life.

In order to do all the writing, you must thoroughly review your true ideals-the most precious goal of life. As the mind becomes clearer and more beautiful, you will have a new face feeling.

  only by participating, can we agree .

I want to be able to control myself, want financial freedom, want to live a high-quality life, want happiness and happiness.

The essence of self-management is self-discipline and orderliness, which is the implementation of the plan.

How to distinguish priorities and cultivate organizational ability is the essence of time management.

Harmony between the ideal and mission of the individual, the role and objectives, work priorities and plans, desire and self-control should be consistent.

Balanced functional management methods should help to balance the development of life, remind us to play a different role, so as not to neglect the health, family, personal development and other important aspects of life.

Authorization can be basically divided into two types: instruction-type authorization and responsibility-type authorization.

Directive authorization is to let others "do this, to do that, to finish telling me." The focus of responsibility-based empowerment is the final outcome.

Trust is the most motivating force for people to progress, because trust allows people to show their best side.

A successful authorization may be the best embodiment of effective management, as the effective empowerment of individuals and organizations is the most fundamental factor in growth.

Sixth chapter

Lack of independent personality, but blindly play the skills of interpersonal relationships, even if successful in a moment, but also luck. When faced with adversity, the skill is unreliable.

Slim is the foundation of public success. Courtesy, honesty, kindness and trust.

Quick and fast is impractical, and it takes time to build and maintain relationships.

If you value one person, you must pay equal attention to what he values.

The heart of man is fragile and sensitive, age and seniority. Even under the strongest and the indifferent appearance, also often hides a fragile heart.

Almost all of the interpersonal disorders are due to unclear or inconsistent expectations of roles and goals.

If you can maintain respect for those who are not present, the people present will respect you. When you defend an absent person, the person who is present will also trust you.

The courage to apologize is not for everyone, but a firm self-sustaining, deep sense of security can do.

The weak will be cruel, only the strong know gentleness.

The more intimate the relationship, the more difficult to maintain. The reverse of the problem is an opportunity.

Maturity is the ability to express your feelings and beliefs while being considerate of others ' thoughts and feelings.

Only the gentleness and the strength, can realize the mutual benefit.

Double win mode requires you not only to be gentle, but also brave, not only to be considerate, but also to be confident, not only to be sensitive, but also to be brave and meaningless.

Contentment: see no one else good, even the achievements of dear ones will be jealous, this is a lack of mentality.

By contrast, the mindset of abundance stems from a solid sense of personal values and security.

A person who is honest, mature and contented has little or no skill in interpersonal communication.

The more you hold on to the win mode, the more sincere, the more you invest, the greater your influence on others. It's about interpersonal leadership.

Real test.

Double-win agreements allow people to evaluate themselves according to the criteria they have taken in advance. The result is reliable as long as the method is properly done.

Seventh chapter confidant--The principle of empathy communication

We always use our own experience to understand the lives of others.

Listening is to understand, is the deep communication between heart and heart.

In addition to material, the greatest survival needs of mankind originate from the psychology, that is understood, affirmed, recognized and appreciated.

Take the principle as the center, and deal with the external weakness calmly and powerfully.

You should be wise, sensitive, and clear-minded, and able to throw away your personal experience. To listen to others.

Right brain supervisor intuition, creation and impression, left brain in charge of analysis, logic and language, only about the whole brain can play a role.

The most important thing to do with people is to pay attention to the different psychology, emotion and intelligence of different individuals, as well as the different worlds seen in the eyes of individuals.

Chapter Tenth Self-renewal principle of balance

Endurance is derived from aerobic exercise, which relies on cardiovascular function-the ability of the heart to supply blood to the body.

People who do not read are no different from illiteracy.

Goethe said: "He will not be able to grow as a person's present performance period supposed." He will be able to supposed his potential and his due accomplishments.

But to know the potential of a person, you have to have a deep understanding of him.

The process of self-improvement and refinement must include all four aspects of nature: the body (exercise), the spirit (goal/principle), the intellect (reading), the social/emotional.

Treat others with abundance and respect each other with sincerity and delight in their success.

Fully understand your needs in terms of vitamins and trace elements. Respond positively to stress and bad mood.

There is a distance between stimulus (external stimulation) and response (our response to external stimuli), and the key to growth and well-being is how we use that distance.

To satisfy your inner needs is to add nourishment to your soul.

Reading notes-seven habits of high-energy people

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