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How to think like a computer scientistlearning with Python

It is easy to understand and easy to understand in English. It is a good guide to Python. You can see Chapter 7 for those who do not have the foundation of programming. Prepare to read it over the past few days.


WriteAllen B. Downey,Jeffrey elknerAndChris Meyers

Printed copies now available fromGreen tea Press.

Table of contents
Contributor list
Chapter 1: The Way of the program
Chapter 2: variables, expressions, and statements
Chapter 3: Functions
Chapter 4: conditionals and Recursion
Chapter 5: fruitful Functions
Chapter 6: Iteration
Chapter 7: strings
Chapter 8: Lists
Chapter 9: tuples
Chapter 10: dictionaries
Chapter 11: files and exceptions
Chapter 12: classes and objects
Chapter 13: classes and functions
Chapter 14: Methods
Chapter 15: sets of Objects
Chapter 16: Inheritance
Chapter 17: linked lists
Chapter 18: stacks
Chapter 19: queues and Priority Queues
Chapter 20: Trees
Appendix A: Debugging
Appendix B: Creating a New datatype
Appendix C: complete Python listings
Appendix D: recommendations for further reading
GNU free document license

In addition, I saw a good editor on the internet today called scite editor, which can support C ++, Perl, Ruby, Python, and lisp, it is much more powerful than the built-in Python idle and has a good interface.
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