Read/write splitting in the mysql database

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If the database access volume is large and the pressure on the database is reduced, he will find one database if there is a read operation. If he writes the database, he will go back and find the other two to avoid mutual interference, let's take a look at how it works!

Proxy Host read/write splitting)







Mysql AB mysql



Create a proxydb Database

Create Table

Insert 113 content

Authorize [root @ xu/] # grant all on *. * to xcy @ "%" identified by "123"



Create a proxydb Database

Create Table

Insert 116 content

Authorize [root @ xu/] # grant all on *. * to xcy @ "%" identified by "123"



First release the port

Turn mysql off

Install the ula package

[Root @ xu/] # tar-zxvf mysql-proxy-0.8.0-linux-rhel5-x86-32bit.tar.g-C/usr/local/green software


Music mysql-proxy-0.8.0-linux-rhel5-x86-32bit proxy

Read/write splitting script


Start script


Add read/write permissions

Chomod + x rw-splitting.lua

Set read/write splitting

[Root @ xu/] #. /mysql-proxy-p 3306-r 3306-B 3306-s/usr/local/proxy/share/doc/mysql-proxy/rw-splitting.lua &



Turn Off

Kill-9% 1

Number of opened debugging files

Ulimit-n 10240


Multiple open Terminals

Select * from proxydb;

Show written

Up to 5th will become read servers

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