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Real Cost exposure of ten lucrative industries

1: cosmetics

Men may be skeptical. Is dabao a lucrative product? No. Cosmetics here refer to imported high-end products.

SK-II's famous fairy water retail price in China is 560 yuan, and its manufacturing cost is only 6.5 Yuan. Surprised? Even if R & D costs are included, the cost per ticket cannot exceed RMB 10. Shiseido 650 yuan/50 grams of eye cream even packaging costs less than 10 yuan. The cost of low-end eye cream of about 150 yuan is only about 3 yuan.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you no longer think that you have applied any high-tech products to your face? Here, ladies are the first victims!

2: Daily Necessities

Among them, personal clean chemicals are the most profitable. Take toothpaste as an example. The most expensive ingredient-foaming agent costs about 600 yuan/ton or even lower, and the 600 yuan foaming agent can be filled with 6000 of the largest 180 grams of toothpaste. The remaining cost of effective components is negligible. The cost of calcium carbonate powder per ton is only about 120 yuan, and the most effective component of fluorine-containing toothpaste-monofluoro sodium phosphate is only 100 yuan per ton. The low-end products made in China won't be worth it. Even for the crest of silicon abrasive, the retail price of the 180g installation market is about 13 yuan. How much can 6000 be sold? It's even worse than shampoo.

3: drinks

Among them, non-carbonated juice drinks have the largest profit. The market price of two yuan of juice drinks is only 7 cents, while the cost of packaging + equipment is only 7 cents.

4: Liquor

Taking Wuliangye liquor factory as an example, each ton of grain can produce about 100 of liquor, of which 10 is the best quality of Wuliangye, and the rest are used as similar low-end products for wuliangchun and Liuyang River. The purchase price per ton of grain is about 400 yuan, while the retail price of the products produced in the market can reach at most about 15000 yuan. Don't trust the so-called n-year old liquor of certain liquor. The manufacturers don't have the patience to really lazy it, but they just use the catalyst of modern industry to speed up the fermentation process.

5: medicines

Everyone knows about the profiteering of medicines. In the eyes of ordinary people, the profit of medicines should be the highest. But this is not the case. Compared with the above industries, pharmaceutical equipment, plant and R & D costs are much higher, so they can only be ranked at 5th. The formulation development of imported medicines is generally conducted abroad, resulting in higher R & D costs. Although its effective components are not worth a few dollars, the manufacturers often come out of the market, but they are real. When jinliufu cannot be sold, Wuliangye can register a jinqifu brand to continue selling the old wine, but the medicine cannot. A new drug is a new drug. I have never heard of it, but I will continue selling it after I change the name.

6: health care products

This is an old friend of the Chinese people. From the sun god to the brain platinum, there has never been a health care product that can really play its propaganda effect. Health care products listed here refer to products that are actually produced by regular manufacturers through regular recipes, rather than fake and shoddy products.

Due to fierce competition in the industry, the profit situation of health care products in the past two years has improved a lot, especially the sudden rise of the brain platinum, although it is to buy the elimination formula of the United States, however, the price of less than 200 is much lower than the cost per unit of 10 yuan (including packaging cost, ingredients cost, advertising cost. Different from medicines, the R & D and equipment costs of health care products are relatively low. It is recommended that you do not have to eat anything.

7: Communication

Specifically, mobile communication is even worse, a typical example of long-term benefits. The cost of each GSM base station is about 0.2 million RMB, but it can indeed afford a maximum of 0.15 million traffic signals. The rent is calculated for lunar January RMB per user. Even if these 0.15 million people do not call, you can buy 30 base stations in one month. Of course, there are other device and technology costs invested in the mobile communication industry. It is reasonable to put it in the seventh place.

8: Software

Any software sold in China is not good. Here we only target people who buy genuine software.

The manufacturing cost of each disc is 9 cents, and the packaging cost of high-end software is only 5 yuan, but the biggest part of the software is often R & D. Windows 98 has been sold for nearly eight years and has earned enough money to develop 40 Win98 again, but this is a foreign country. If Bill Gates was born in China, I believe he was starved to death or still working as an installer in Zhongguancun.

9: Small Household Electrical Appliances

Compared with refrigerators, small household appliances have the lowest cost and the highest profit. Phillips is one of the largest companies that started out as a small household electrical appliance.

In fact, the manufacturing cost of 1800 yuan is usually 180-2 times higher than that of 1.5 yuan, but it can be sold for 10 times at retail. Who uses Phillips to raise your hand: Your hundreds of high-tech products are actually worth 20 RMB

10: Car

The profits of foreign cars are already very transparent, and the retail price of a car with a cost of 8000 US dollars can sell for 10000 US dollars. But not in China. Honda flying cars are cheap for everyone. In fact, the car's price in China is 1000 US dollars higher than the international reference price. With lower material costs, lower labor costs, and higher profits, many Chinese people are still in the dark. Innocent people are really cheap cars. In fact, the mass foreign producers are hiding in the bed to steal money.

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