Realize PPT Countdown with macros

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Questions about inserting an instant or countdown in PPT:

1, with the add-in to achieve

2, insert a flash clock, more convenient. If you want to display it on every page, you can insert it in the template. You can also write your own VBA to implement.

The first method is described below:

1, download a countdown to the macro

Click to download:

2. Copy this macro to the AddIns directory

3, Add-in: Tools-Add-ins

Add macros

After loading, the front is ticked, and closing the dialog box is OK.

4, this is to see the top of the menu bar has a more than a "timer" option

There are 2 options below

Click "Timer Options"

The settings are adjusted to suit your needs, if you want to show the rest of the time in the class can be replaced by the total countdown time: 00:40:00, such a class 40 minutes of design, update frequency can also be set according to their own needs: 0:0:01, so that every second update will be selected

The second option, "Add Time Bar", can move the location of the display time.

When all the above settings are complete, you can show them,

Note: If you find that you cannot load macros, reduce the security of the macro to medium or low to try.

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