Reason why penguins are used as a flag in Linux

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My daughter kalei thinks that it is really amazing to have someone buy you a penguin. In the clear night sky, we sat around the bonfire. Manas talked about how a Linux User organization in Bristol, England bought a penguin for him. What I don't think of cailei is that those people didn't really buy him a penguin. Li NASS explained that the Organization donated money to a certain animal protection organization, then, he recognized a penguin in the name of Linas.
The torwos family touched the meaning behind the story of Manas. I don't know who it is. I raised my head at the top of the interface and asked a stupid question: How do you think of using penguins as the image of Linux's global popularity?
"This is my idea ." "Because people are always asking, 'Shouldn't you make a logo? 'That's why Li NASS started his mind in this regard. Linux companies all have their own logo, one of which is a pink triangle, but I know this logo has been widely used by gay people. I told him the message. He said that he wants to identify an elegant and friendly thing ."
"I thought of penguins. While in Australia, Manas was bitten by a beautiful penguin in a zoo. He likes to tease small animals and always wants to show his hands. The penguins were about 1 feet tall, and he could just find them in a cage and touch them. He shook his fingers and looked like a fish. The penguin was recruited and gave him a bite: a cough. It doesn't taste like a fish. Although he was bitten by penguins, he still liked them. I think he has never finished his life with penguins. If he has a chance, he will not go to the penguins. So, when he was worried about finding a logo, I reminded him, 'You like penguins so much, why don't you use penguins as a logo? 'He said, 'Oh, let me think about it. '"
At this moment, Manas was shaking his head on the other side of the bonfire.
"No, this is not her idea," he said. "That's not the case ."
It seems that this small issue is still controversial. I think, I'm afraid I have never seen a couple of friends who treat each other equally like liunas and TAF. I have seen Lee NASS do housework, and I have seen him get her a cup of coffee while he is in bed in Tave in the morning, even if we had to deal with the unreasonable demands of two babies during long-distance driving, the couple were always calm: it was a happy marriage.
Our problem is now critical.
Li NASS gave another story version: Although TAF mentioned Penguin or something in an unknown way earlier, he seriously considered taking penguin as the official mascot of Linux, it was also in a conversation with two senior assistants.
Tave is a little unconvinced. "At the beginning, he doesn't think this is a good idea because it is my idea. After I told him, he continued to think about him. Later in Boston, we and Henry? Hall talked about the mascot. I told them, 'How about a penguin? What do you think? 'They all think it's good. I think this prompted us to agree with this idea ."
"Henry? Hall said he knew a painter and he could find him to draw a penguin for us. However, there will be no more details. What I learned later was that Linas began to collect pictures of Penguins online ."
What is Larry Lee selected? Ivin's picture. This Larry? Evan is a painter in science and computer science at Texas A & M University.
This Penguin is not a choice. Linas wants to make it look as good as a fresh beer and then experiences an amazing orgasm. In addition, this penguin must be very special. As a result, all the other penguins are black-mouthed and black-mouthed, but the Linux penguin is yellow-mouthed and yellow-legged, which makes it look like a cross-breed between ducks and penguins. Maybe it's the result of a night's stay with a local penguin on a tour of the South Pole.

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