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Reasons for Baidu's reduction and Countermeasures ~~ Recommended!
Many Webmasters have encountered the problem of reduced Baidu indexing, which seems to be a serious problem recently. Recently, I have seen many friends say that their website has been inexplicably reduced in Baidu indexing. Some of them have not found any reason yet and there is no proper solution. Baidu's reduction in indexing is also called "Baidu's hair removal" or "Baidu cut meat" by some friends.

If it is a new site, there will be a sudden decrease, but there is nothing to worry about, because Baidu is different from Google. despite its loose restrictions, Google is stable and has certain requirements on the page. The updated content is gradually increased. what Baidu prefers to do most is to record new sites, as long as all pages are included, and then sort them out slowly.

There are too many possible causes, and there are dozens of causes listed below:

(1) website fraud.

Cause: for example, stacked keywords, hidden text, and so on. if this happens, even if Baidu has already included you, don't be glad to be confused, because it will be removed slowly during the update process. the second-level domain name is connected to the blog.

Solution: let alone this. Please modify your page! In addition, the second-level domain name should not be excessively used. Blog cross-connection is useless now. Leave one or two connections in it and remove them.

(2) website specifications

Cause: there are too many titles and keywords. Some webmasters like to put all the keywords related to the search. It is useless to put 10 thousand keywords. there is also an unreasonable description. If you are a new station, this is absolutely useful and should be set.

Solution: leave three or four keywords in the title. There are too many keywords that Baidu does not like. we recommend that you set it to the page subject + topic name + website name. as for keywords, it doesn't matter if you add them, but at least the page should contain some relevant content. the description setting is very simple. As long as the language is fluent, make a rough summary of the page. It is enough to have two or three keywords.

(3) website Quality

Cause: almost all content is collected, and it is a very popular collection article. baidu will suddenly include you on thousands of pages, but after Baidu's indexing, it will be retrieved again within a certain period of time. If your content has no value, it will be discarded.

Solution: After the collection, modify it and release it. don't be too lazy. You can simply browse the article and change the paragraph or part of the content, at least a bit different from others. it is best to create an original one, and leave a copyright on the page. if you repost it, you can also leave it ---- article: XXX website http: xxxxxx

(4) website connection

Cause: If the website lacks external connections or external connections gradually decrease, Baidu will pay less attention to your website and gradually reduce the content to be included. connection quality is very important. spam connection is preferred! In addition, check your page. If a connection points to the blocked website, Baidu will treat you as a helper.

Solution: Check the external connections of the website. If there are few connections, exchange them, or post on some big site forums that may interest others and leave a connection. the more people reply, the better the effect. if there is a connection in the site pointing to the blocked site, delete it as soon as possible.

(5) website Revision

Cause: If the website has not been modified, it has already been submitted to Baidu. there will be major changes and major updates. Today and Tomorrow. the category and title are exchanged. sometimes there are tests or other content that is irrelevant to the website.

Solution: locate the website and stick to it. you can add new categories and content. old content should not be deleted randomly. if you change the space, you 'd better change it in advance. ensure that the space content exists before a period of time, just in case.

(6) website Space

Cause: the website space is unstable and the website cannot be opened. Baidu cannot trust the information after more than two consecutive updates. Therefore, you must be cleaned up from the database, because Baidu thinks your website has been closed or the page does not exist. another reason is that your IP address has been prone to cheating sites for many times.

Solution: Pay attention when buying a space and find a reputable IDC. don't just make it cheap. If there are frequent problems, don't say Baidu, and Internet users cannot afford it. after all, your website won't attract Baidu's attention. in addition, when buying a space, check the site on the Virtual Host IP address, including the information, and the number of closed sites.

1. If other websites on your VM are blacklisted by Baidu, your website will also suffer losses because you are an IP address with him;
2. If some code is added to your website to ban the Baidu Spider, the page will not be indexed too much.
3. If your page is too similar to other websites, Baidu will intentionally ban your website.
4. If your page contains some malicious code, it will be dropped by Baidu ban
5. If you link to a website that contains Baidu ban, your website's weight will be affected. The extent of impact depends on the location and importance of the link on your website.
6. If a Baidu agent has contacted you for business, and you have not promised, or accidentally sinned against the other party, therefore, the pages indexed by your website may be greatly reduced or completely removed.
7. If your website has content that is not good for Baidu, your website will be downgraded to the right, or the number of entries will be reduced or even banned.
8. If you have too many external links on a page, Baidu may regard it as a cheating page and ban it.
9. Baidu cannot search for flash. If your home page is a flash or a flash full site, Baidu cannot identify it.
10. Baidu robots are not perfect, so in some cases, even if you do not cheat, do not violate any rules, and do not have Baidu's artificial factors, your website may not be included.
11. Baidu has a reason why your website is not indexed. However, for whatever reason, your website will be indexed by Baidu as long as you cooperate with Baidu agents, directly participate in spot price rankings, or other Baidu businesses.

You may not have submitted your website to Baidu; (this can be ruled out)
You have logged on to the website, but Baidu has not yet recorded it for a short time;
If Baidu detects that your website is dead, your website may be deleted by Baidu temporarily;
If your website content does not comply with Chinese laws, it cannot be indexed by Baidu;
If your site page structure is complex, it may not be indexed by Baidu (for details, see how to make your site effectively indexed by Baidu );
If your website is identified as a spam by Baidu, it may be rejected by Baidu or deleted at any time (For details, refer to Baidu's disposal of spam websites ).

If the content of Site B is the same as that of Site A, Baidu will hate it because no search engine is fond of repeated content. Your Site A is famous for Baidu, after a while, there will be a B station. The content is exactly the same. Baidu will think that you copied him.

Note that content is not a program. If the same content is different,
The reason why Site B is not included is something else,

It is mainly because the indexing time of the new site is not uniform, and may be indexed in a few days. It is not indexed, but not yet included.

If he hasn't recorded the site for a month, you can check the reason for this.

If not, it may be the IP address of the domain name or host. They have been blocked.

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