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First, let's take a look at the general situation of my operations on this site!

After two months of hard work, the Shenyang Migration Network was launched at the end of July this year. The popular buzzword "Shenyang migration" and the common word "Shenyang migration company phone number" were listed on the Baidu homepage. In October 24, the title was changed according to the instructions of the superior, and the result was ranked 10 pages away. At the end of November, the ranking of the website's main keywords rose to the homepage again. (The figure below shows a screenshot of the situation found on the CNZZ tool before the title change on April 9, October 24)

I checked it on the morning of December 2. In addition to non-popular buzzwords, it was still on the homepage. Other long-tail and popular buzzwords were all ranked out. I really need to check the cause carefully! Looking for the reason, because the ranking has always been on the rise and the stability has been more than a week, so it is ruled out that the optimization operation a week ago may cause adverse effects, the problem should occur within the week. I will troubleshoot the problem mainly from the following aspects:

1. Server

Server situation: I made a monitoring treasure to monitor the server situation. Except for the two downtime events in the early morning of June 11.24, the server was always stable.

Reason for exclusion: last week's downtime did not occur again within the week, and the impact on the 1949th day was eliminated this week, and the ranking reached a very stable state, therefore, server factors are basically excluded.

2. Links

Friend links: after the title was changed on October 24, 10th day of last month, Baidu's weight also dropped from 2 to 0 due to its sharp decline in rankings. After several friends who thought that server access was particularly slow, I did not add any more, and few were willing to join me.

Reason for exclusion: This situation lasted for a month, and the ranking was restored to the first and second Pages. In the near future, no new friends chain increased, and the ranking also increased steadily. Therefore, the reason for exclusion is the link Association.

3. Content

Content: We have always kept updating more than five or six articles every day, and I will often post some original articles. By investigating whether the effects of original articles are true, to improve the quality of the website, even the total number of records recorded on the entire site increases.

Reason for exclusion: Although some articles have been edited and reproduced, they have always been reproduced with original methods, so they can be ruled out.

4. External links

External links: white hats have always been used: blogs, forums, and classification sites.

Reason for exclusion: no spam software has been used in mass production, and the indexing of external links is relatively stable. The indexing of external links by Baidu is stable. Therefore, this rule is excluded.

5. Website structure:

Website structure: after the title was changed on November 24, 10.24, the website structure was not changed from January 1, 11.29 due to the impact of rankings. I suddenly remembered that the manager asked yesterday that the "Member List" should not be rolled to the scroll function, and the program had been modified. Does it mean that it has been changed? Refresh the website and check whether the change is complete .! It seems that I have not been notified of my website.

The reason is found! It is the unstable decline in rankings caused by changes in some of the homepage website structures! In addition to structure changes, since the original Rolling function, there are more than 60 member organizations in the rolling process. But now, after changing to not rolling, there will be 10 member organizations on the homepage, the number of words is also less, and the density of keywords obtained through the query tool has also changed. No wonder baidu is the boss!

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