Reboot System blue screen solution during Vista installation

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Originally, my suggestion is in the BIOS to modify the hard drive settings, set the hard drive for compatibility mode, do not Archi mode. As a result, friends on the internet said that there was no way to install, we studied for more than 20 days, finally found the solution. SATA Driver and registration information can be added to the Vista temp directory manually from XP after the installation reboot.

First, our central idea is to manually add my own disk controller driver (nonsense) to the Vista installation directory. This requires 2 steps to complete:

1, in the temporary installation of Vista directory, I placed the door of their own driver files.

2, in the Vista registry to add my own driver key values.

Well, with a theoretical basis, we're going to move!

Normally install Vista under XP until the first reboot, restart after the blue screen, back into XP operation.

No.1: Copy your disk driver files to the associated location in the Vista temp directory.

Specifically: *.sys files are placed in the windows\system32\drivers in the Vista temp directory, *.inf and other files are placed in Windows\Inf in the Vista temp directory.

No.2: How do I modify the Vista registry? We need to use the current XP system's registry database as a staging site. Create a new temporary folder: My position is under the c:\raid. Then open the registry and look for all the key values in XP that you want to install and save all of them in the file Sata.reg. Copy the Sata.reg to the C:\raid.

Then create a new text file A.txt in the Raid folder. Open a and add the following (//After is my words do not write):

If not exist system goto end

Copy system System.bak//backup system files.

Reg load Hklm\hk97sys System//writes the contents of the system file to Hkey_local_machine\hk97sys, hk97sys the temporary new key value.

REGEDIT/S Sata.reg//Add Sata.reg value to the current registry. and save the system file.

Reg unload Hklm\hk97sys//Deletes the Hk97sys key value added in the current registry.

Pause//So that you can see the result oh ~

: End

After writing, save the A.txt and rename it to A.cmd. When you're ready, you'll have to operate. Copy the file named system under Windows\System32\Config in the Vista temp directory to the C:\sata directory. (Why do you want to copy the system file?) because that is where the registry database is located. )

Perform a.cmd. If prompted successfully, copy the current system file back to its original location to overwrite the original file. This allows us to add our own driver information to the Vista registry.

Shutdown restart the computer into the Vista installer, if no blue screen is half the success.

Continue to install the program. Automatic reboot to the 2nd time. Still blue screen after reboot! To analyze the reason quickly, the previous work was done only to the Vista installer, however, now on the hard disk Vista system files are copied from the Vista installation CD! (The installation of CD-ROM is not brought!) are not those files in the previous Vista temp directory.

Know the reason is also good to do, we have to repeat. But this time the object is no longer a Vista temporary directory. But the vista system is the disk (even in e disk, everyone according to their own situation to change).

No.1: Copy your disk driver files to a related table in the Vista system directory.

Specifically: *.sys files into E:\windows\system32\drivers, *.inf and other files into E:\windows\inf.

No.2. Copy the file named system under E:\windows\system32\config to the C:\sata directory. Perform a.cmd. If prompted successfully, copy the current system file back to its original location to overwrite the original file.

Shut down again to restart the computer into Vista installation program, if there is no blue screen, congratulations! It's a success here.

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