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Xue kaiqi is indeed young and energetic. However, since her debut was not long before, her acting skills were somewhat immature, which was the same as that of Fang zuiming. Due to the poor performance of the main character, I put more eyes on the parents of two young people: Zeng Zhiwei & Mao shunyu, Huang qiusheng & Yu 'an. In my heart, I think the dialogue between the four middle-aged people is even more memorable. The old drama bone is the old drama bone. The preaching words that countless parents have used come to their mouths, and the money is enough.

Zeng Zhiwei used to play many roles. Even mm liked his image in "sweet honey". She said that if she was Zhang manyu, it will also follow the previous steps (Am I Dawn? Haha ~ ). I also like him playing the warm role, which is more expressive than the gangster bosses. In this play, he was excited and excited.

Huang qiusheng's image has always been harsh and cold, and this role is no exception. This is where the power is. His joys and sorrows can be expressed through the tight face. Later in the story, when he and Yu 'an looked at their grandchildren in the production room, I saw a slight apology from his serious face.

I am older than the rebellious age, so I can see the love of my parents in the world. The way you love is always selfless. However, for our young people, it seems extravagant to repay this love. It seems more realistic not to have a time or let your parents feel sad ...... I am still right. I am sorry for my parents. I have never done anything to make them sad, but I gradually understand that this is not enough. The significance of "early maturity" is that it once again gave me a positive education to repay my kindness.



P.s Xue kaiqi's elegant shape makes me feel that she has a bit of the shadows of Yuan Yongyi:

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